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Our customers range from boutique accounting practices to mid-tier firms. We're proud to help them all make working with Xero & in the cloud easier than ever before.


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SuiteFiles saves us an average of 5hrs per staff member, per week



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Document signing has saved us time and improved efficiency. This has proven to be invaluable during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Ben Powell

Ballards LLP

It manages everything on the document front. The support is also really responsive. If there’s an issue, it’s fixed. If there’s a feature that’s needed, it’s quite often built.

Hamish Mexted

Convex Accounting

“It feels like you’re operating a modern firm – that’s why we like using it. Compared to having piles of paper and folders it feels a lot safer and a lot tidier.”

Luke Canton

Flashpoint Accounting

“(SuiteFiles) has given us better processes for dealing with documents, allowing us to cut down our non-billable admin work.”

Matt Burgess

STM Accounting

“The integration between SuiteFiles and ATO Smart Docs is seamless, it’s great to see two cloud providers working together so well.”


TrustOne Partners

“We’ve really benefited from 1% marginal gains through efficiencies, templates and tasks.”

Alison Hogg

The Outsider

“Our previous software was very expensive, so just by changing systems we saved money. There’s also been time savings through the way we can now work with Xero…”

Kate Griffiths

Kendons Scott MacDonald

“It makes it so easy to create a Letter of Engagement, and now that e-signing is available, SuiteFiles has become an end to end solution.”

Maggie McKenzie

Elevate 365

“No matter where we’re working from, we’re able to collaborate across documents in real time, without issue.”

Craig Weston

Inspired Accountants Limited

“SuiteFiles caters to the needs of accountants, so we quickly got a return on investment.”

Brad Golchin

Wise Advice

“Since switching to SuiteFiles’ user-friendly interface, we’ve found it much easier to access our files.”

Sandra Julian


“Since making the jump to SuiteFiles, we have the comfort of knowing our files are being stored securely in the cloud.”

Anne Mandeno

Baldry + Sanford

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