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Back in 2016, Fox Group began the hunt for a document management solution that was scalable and could help them get rid of the server. We caught up with Warwick to hear why SuiteFiles came out on top.

It’s reassuring knowing that our documents are saved to one cloud-based location and aren’t reliant on someone taking a step at our end.

The problem

I joined Fox Group in 2016 as part of a merger with a previous business. As the business began adding more clients and team members, we realized there were limitations with our document management and that it was a significant part of the business that needed to be bedded down. 

We’d been uploading files into a cloud-based platform as well as an onsite server which was soaking up time unnecessarily. In those early stages, my business partner Jeremy was, as is the case in many growing businesses, the director of the firm, accountant of the firm, but also our IT department. Having a director juggle this many plates wasn’t a good use of time and created a risk from relying on one person to take care of our IT. 

We wanted a solution that was scalable and could get rid of the server while giving us confidence that everything would be safe, secure, and accessible from anywhere at any time. 

How we solved it

SuiteFiles gives us the confidence to go about our day knowing that our document management is all sorted and files are backed up safe for when we need them. It’s reassuring knowing that our documents are saved to one cloud-based location and aren’t reliant on someone taking a step at our end.  

The fundamentals of using SuiteFiles are very intuitive and everyone picked it up quite well. Our team were open to doing things better with SuiteFiles. Everyone went ‘OK, that’s where we save stuff now’ and we were away. Using SuiteFiles has been equally straightforward for our remote team. 

Now that we’re cloud-based, if there’s a document that needs 10 people working on it we don’t email it around and then have 10 different versions of people’s answers that need to be collated. Everyone has access to one document and edits as appropriate. This is particularly useful for strategic reviews of a client where we ask other partners and managers to come in and collaborate on the same document. 

The massive benefit was the automatic saving of emails into the appropriate folder. We take it for granted these days but it makes tracking emails super easy to do rather than having to remember to save stuff. 

SuiteFiles takes the worry from our former mishmash of solutions and lets us go and do what we do well.  


  • Growing business requiring scalable document management.
  • Using a combination of cloud-based services and an in-house server.
  • Reliant on one person to manage IT solutions.


  • Files are backed-up and easily accessible without manual effort.
  • SuiteFiles is an intuitive system which encourages staff to build better filing habits.
  • Live-editing capabilities make reviewing documents as a team easier.
  • Automatic filing of emails into the appropriate folders.

Key benefits

  • SuiteFiles is a scalable solution that allows the team to do what they do well.
  • IT concerns are taken care of and no longer absorbing the time of directors.

Tips and tricks

Create templates so you’re working with up-to-date files

  • We use templates for our standard workpapers so that when we start a new matter, it gets downloaded from SuiteFiles and we’re working with the most uptodate version. 
Favorite important files

  • Clicking that star on your most regularly used files will make them easily accessible next time you’re looking for them.  

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