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Breaking Free from Friction Fatigue

Friction Fatigue is a rapidly growing phenomena plaguing professional service industries, but what exactly is it? Our Breaking Free from Friction Fatigue eBook will give you the tools to identify it, isolate it causes, and the strategies to eliminate it from your workplace.

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From Home to Hybrid

Hybrid workplaces are becoming increasingly common, but how do you mesh the different needs of remote and in-person workers into a functioning work environment? From Home to Hybrid will help you understand what drives remote workers, and how to integrate them into your hybrid work culture.

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The Art of Strategic Storytelling

Strategic storytelling is a dying art, but the benefits are immeasurable for any business. Learn how to weave a narrative that will guarantee your clients say yes.

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Streamlining Workflows

Modern workplaces are all about optimizing daily workflows to increase productivity and efficiency. Learn how integrating both SuiteFiles & WorkGuru will set you apart from the competition.

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The SuiteFiles Edge

The right digital workspace can make or break a business, but how do you find the best fit for your business? The SuiteFiles Edge will show you how.

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Elevate your Journey

Inefficient workflows don’t just hurt your team, they impact your clients too! Revolutionize your customer journey and ensure you are meeting the rising expectations of today’s clients.

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Demystifying Document Management Systems

Eliminate the biggest bottlenecks in your workflows and make it easier to share client intelligence, access files, and secure approvals.


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The Guide to Folder Structures: Best Practices and More

Learn about digital asset management, directory structures and trees, and much more in our guide to folder structures.


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DMS Best Practices

With the right DMS features and functionalities, you can set your entire firm up to work faster and smarter so you can increase billable hours, decrease employee burnout, and give clients the higher service they demand. Doing all of this, though, depends on following best practices during your DMS implementation process. Get actionable best practices, for both you and your DMS provider to follow, to achieve maximum velocity.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Implementing a DMS

It’s easier than you’d think to implement a new document management system (DMS). See how it can be done in our guide containing what we’ve learned from 1000+ customer implementations plus real world examples.


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Business Hurdles Cleared

Discover how the right accounting technology solves your firms 3 biggest challenges: increasing revenue, eliminating unwieldy and expensive apps, and making employees happier.

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The Financial File Frustration Fix

Constantly searching for files, duplicating data across systems, and asking for updated documents — these are classic symptoms of Financial File Frustration. The right fix reduces pressure on your team, increases billable hours, and streamlines client collaboration.

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the guide to document management

The Guide to Document Management

Learn all about document management systems, managing document workflows, and more in our guide to document management.

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Integrations Info Pack

Our integration partners bring your files and data into SuiteFiles so you can benefit from one source of truth. See a full list of our partners in this info pack including customer testimonials and an overview of how each integration works.

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Optimizing Your Accounting Tech Stack

Discover how to optimize your accounting technology stack to improve productivity, minimize downtime, and develop your client relationships.

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Make the Next EOFY Better than the Last

Long hours, night shifts, and time away from friends and family can come with the territory during the end of financial year (EOFY). If it was all a bit too much, you’re likely making things harder than they need to be. In this guide we’ll show you how you can better manage the EOFY using some proven strategies our customers have applied.

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Automated Email Templates

Writing emails from scratch is time-consuming and may expose you to data entry errors. Win back your time with error-proof email templates!

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The Accountant's Guide to Flow State

How can you reach flow state while working in a busy practice and managing everything from admin to complex client work? We’ll show you!

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Tips for Becoming a Tech Leader

Join the ranks of tech leaders! Expect advice for choosing the right software to begin your digital transformation, encouraging staff uptake, and improving your business processes.

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Productivity Hacks

Pick up quick wins when it comes to organizing emails, tasks and client work as well as some well-being tips for more productive workdays.

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Sharing Client Files Securely

To keep your client engagements on track, we’ll break down best practice for gathering and sharing sensitive files. This includes which security features to prioritize, the benefits of using a client portal and options for implementation.

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Client Collaboration

What does awesome client collaboration look like? We’ll take you through common client facing workflows and  offer some solutions to make them more efficient.

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SuiteFiles Info Pack

Move to the cloud with a document management system that’ll let you hit the ground running. Our easy-to-read info pack will give you the rundown on SuiteFiles’ features and pricing, helping you evaluate our fit with your business.

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SuiteFiles x Xero Info Pack

Take a tour through our Xero integration and hear from customers who’ve built beautiful cloud based accounting practices.

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SuiteFiles x WorkflowMax Info Pack

Spend less time managing your projects and more time progressing them with WorkflowMax and SuiteFiles! Oversee your projects from the cloud and advance them using automations, digital signing and templates.

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Multiple XPM Accounts heading with decorative elements

Multiple XPM Accounts Guide

Whether your organization’s multiple branches all share clients or you keep them separate, SuiteFiles can connect to all your Xero Practice Manager accounts in a way that complements how you manage your clients.

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Digital Signing Laws Guide

Are you up to date with digital signing laws? Our guide will take you through the signing laws of key countries then detail how SuiteFiles’ security covers compliance.

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Is SharePoint Right for your Accounting Practice?

What are the differences between OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint? We’ll take you through each product and make sure you’re investing in the right document management solution.

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Set a Folder Structure Which Colleagues will Follow

Each individual’s working habits are different and complicate your folder structure no matter how tight your communications are. To prevent rogue folders and files showing up in your directory we’ve developed a 3-step plan based on advice from real accounting practices.

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Top Folder Structures

Boost your file management with our definitive guide to folder structures. Take a tour through the most popular folder structures amongst accounting practices then organize your files using our templates.

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Inbox Zero

Spend less time sorting through your inbox! Learn some tips and tricks for working efficiently in Outlook and see how SuiteFiles automates the manual tasks which eat at your productivity.

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Move your Practice to the Cloud

Considering a move to the cloud? Hear from a business that’s made the move. When you’re ready, tick through our checklist and be up and running within two weeks.

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Top 10 Xero Ecosystem Apps

There are over 1000 apps in the Xero ecosystem but which are the favorites among accountants? We asked our customers for their recommendations and have come up with the top 10!

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Engagement Letter Guide

Accelerate your client onboarding process with our engagement letter template. We’ve covered the recommended terms and conditions using advice from SuiteFiles customers now make it your own!

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