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Document management for

law firms

Optimize workflows firmwide with intuitive legal document management software catered to the needs of busy legal professionals.

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Track everything

Improve your document review and approval process with notifications updating you on completed work. Manage legal documents using audit logs to track edits and restore previous versions.

Locate legal documents

Search for any file in your library using keywords plus filter results by file type, client and last editor. Favorite the files in your rotation or scroll through recents to pick up where you left off.

Secure sensitive legal information

All of your data is kept securely in a Microsoft Data Center and backed up daily. Sensitive files and folders can be protected using permissions to limit access or shared externally via our client portal.

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Legal document management software to free yourself up

for the important jobs

Saving time throughout the work week comes down to the processes supporting your firm.

Without a document management system in place to track, store, and locate documents, you may find your billable hours absorbed by admin instead of servicing clients.

SuiteFiles is a time-saving legal document management software you can use to store, share, and sign documents your way! Use familiar Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, and Outlook as well as inbuilt features such as templates to complete lengthy workflows from one secure platform. SuiteFiles equips lawyers with the tools they need to manage documents and delegate to lower-cost staff with minimal oversight.

No pain, no headaches – just a simple, secure cloud document management system to make your firm hum.

No matter where we're working from, we're able to collaborate across documents in real time, without issue.


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