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document management

One place

for everything

Share, edit & collaborate

Share folders and files without making copies and co-edit with colleagues on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets & PowerPoint slides all at the same time.

Never lose work

Watch documents auto-save your edits with the option to review version history and restore past copies as you like. Access documents offline and have them sync to your source of truth.

Save time

managing your documents

Document automation

Set templates for standard documents which populate with client data from Xero or WorkflowMax. Never manually type an engagement letter again!

Manage templates

Organize your templates by categories such as letters, onboarding, and more to easily navigate your templated documents. Upload pre-existing templates into SuiteFiles to get busy straight away!

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Email management

Store and edit all your documents, emails and tasks in one place. Create document templates, and automatically save emails into SuiteFiles.

PDF tools

Review and customize PDFs in SuiteFiles without juggling several applications. Annotate areas of interest, simply jot something down, or merge PDFs files to save time compiling your PDFs.


Client portal

Send files out to be reviewed and collaborate with clients on their documents in real-time. Request any file you need and they’ll be uploaded directly in to your chosen SuiteFiles location.

Digital signing

Prepare documents for signing, send them directly to signatories, and be notified when they’re completed. Simplify the signing process with notes for more context and checkboxes to draw attention to important sections of your document.

Secure storage

Manage all of your permissions to grant access to certain folders and features and easily restore past versions of documents with our backups. All of your data is stored in a Microsoft Data Center, providing enterprise grade security.

Task management

Send tasks to colleagues for an easy follow-up process. Request changes to a document, an upload, or a simple task, then instant message within SuiteFiles. Have your colleagues click complete when done!


Use all the tools you love with SuiteFiles. Our integrations make processes even simpler by linking everything back to your document management system. We integrate with Microsoft 365, XPM, WorkflowMax and more.

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