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Meet the

Leadership Team

Andrew Sims


With a background in cloud consulting for SME, Andrew spends his time making sure SuiteFiles’ customers get the best. He's often found near cricket, rugby or any other sport on earth.

Doug Taylor


Doug is a nerd at heart, who’s always looking for ways to do things faster and better. Eternally optimistic and is yet to meet a spreadsheet he doesn't adore.

Say hello to our

Customer Success Team

Roshni Mortensen

Customer Success Manager

Roshni is truly a people person, making our customer journeys awesome from the very beginning. Loves brunch, Pinterest, movies or any combo of these things.

Sarabjeet Bhamrah

Technical Support Specialist

Found in our Customer Success team, he can solve any technical issue. His hidden talents include winning 3 national gaming championships (PlayStation 2), state level chess player, and knowing about all things food.

Nitikesh Joshi

Technical Support Specialist

When he’s not keeping an eye on up-and-coming tech or solving technical issues, he’s travelling and exploring different cultures and cuisines. A huge Manchester United fan with a passion for everything related to football.

We count on our

Sales Team

Adam Koch

Sales Executive

Always happy to have a chat. Adam is an expert on all of the SuiteFiles features. He's also an expert at any activity involving food.

Josh Lussiana

Senior Sales Executive

An Atlanta native, Josh is a true team player. You’ll find him watching, playing, or enjoying sports in some capacity. He also relishes the outdoors, hiking, swimming and other activities on the water. Always strives to put the customer first and looks forward to helping you with your business needs too!

Katrina Gravelle

Katrina Gravelle

Partnership Channel Manager

Katrina has a love for all things relationship management and brings her expertise to SuiteFiles to help nurture our partner relationships. When she’s not darting between her kids’ swim meets and ice hockey trainings, Katrina enjoys going for long lunches with friends and family and making the most of Melbourne’s foodie scene.

Reach out to our

Marketing Team

Jessica Hill

Marketing Manager

Jessica introduces businesses to SuiteFiles with campaigns heavily featuring lightning bolts and dogs. She can be found lunching, perusing and wandering around her adopted hometown of Wellington.

Tyler Cruse

Marketing Assistant

Tyler fancies himself a bit of a writer and loves cooking up content that keeps our users and website lurkers engaged. Outside of the office, he enjoys messing around on guitar, playing basketball and watching spooky movies.

We'd be lost without our

Product Team

Amber Martin-Van Velzen

Senior Product Designer

Amber spends her time designing the SuiteFiles experience. She’s often found travelling the globe, attending live music gigs or growing her plant collection

Bridget Cowie

Product Owner

Bridget is the mastermind that keeps our busy dev team on track and working towards the needs of our users. Outside of the office you’ll likely find her near a horse, living up to her self-appointed title as ‘crazy horse lady’ or cheering on the mighty Wellington Phoenix.

Murray Lum

Business Analyst

Murray originally came on to SuiteFiles as a contractor, but we refused to let him go. With his knack for solving problems and expertise in the ICT sector, its safe to say we lean on Murray a lot.

Nisha Singh

Test Analyst

Nisha enjoys the challenge of testing applications and experimenting on SuiteFiles until it’s in tip top shape for our users to enjoy. A curious spirit always looking for self-development opportunities, Nisha can be found dabbling in DIY projects, watching a good doco or reading up on software and technology.

Dan Hammond

Development Team Lead

Dan brings his passion for quality code, infrastructure and automations to SuiteFiles as one of our developers. In his spare time he enjoys a hike, a craft beer, or some great music.

Thanjeedth Thiyagaraja

Senior Software Engineer

The builder behind our most loved features, Thanjeedth could develop anything. Out of the office he also enjoys a bit of cricket, football, and whisky.

Meng Xie

Senior Full Stack Developer

Meng is passionate about building innovative cloud-based apps to solve problems. When he’s not helping to build SuiteFiles you’ll find him walking NZ tracks and playing any sport or video game!

Tinloy Wen

Software Developer

Makes sure SuiteFiles looks good and is an app-y time. Tinloy is also a mad fan of Liverpool FC, dessert and being around the water.

Nainesh Patel

Software Developer

The definition of a solution-driven person, who also happens to really love technology. Keen on football, basketball, travel and books

We can't thrive without our

Admin Team

Leanne Edmonds

Finance Manager

Our whiz at all things numbers and spreadsheets. She loves netball & dance - when she's not running after her one-year-old & mini schnauzer.

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