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Getting started

with SuiteFiles.


your data.

We can move your files from their current home into SuiteFiles with an easy migration. Depending on the size of your data, we can likely migrate all of your business files, folders and emails in a couple of days once scheduled in and given full access. Our team will be there at every point in the process.

It doesn't matter whether your data is sitting on a server, in the cloud or in a completely different system, we can pick it up and move it no matter where it lives.

Migration steps

Examine the existing file system

During your migration inspection we'll gather all the information we need to seamlessly transfer your data to SuiteFiles. We'll need to determine where existing files are being stored, whether the files are currently in a suitable structure and the volume of file data.

Prepare a migration agreement

We'll draft an agreement giving you the scope of the migration including a proposed plan and the costs involved.

Agree on a migration date

Schedule the migration during the week at a discounted price or over the weekend.

Conduct migration

Our specialists will begin transferring your files into SuiteFiles. Once completed, they'll examine the output files looking for exceptions that need to be manually resolved.

Report on the results of your migration

To wrap up the process, we'll send you a final summary detailing how the migration went.

You start using SuiteFiles

Access all of your files from SuiteFiles and get up to speed with the features at your disposal. Get the most of your experience with our on-demand training webinars.

The best thing about this transition was that there was minimal downtime. The migration itself was done over a weekend. Even working from home, our team picked up the system really quickly.

Kate Griffiths

Kendons Scott Macdonald

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