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Top feature priorities

The list below shows the top feature priorities for SuiteFiles. These priorities are indicative only and may change or re-order over time. If you have any feedback or suggestions for these priorities, please use our feature request form below.

September 2023

Last updated: 31/08/2023

Improved site deployment

Existing growing customers and new customers will benefit from our improved site deployment process, greatly reducing times from request to deployment and putting even more power in the hands of our customers.

Client to folder mapping tool

This tool will soon allow site admins to further utilize the best of our integration partners by mapping client records synchronized from integrated systems to client folders within SuiteFiles, with scope to grow to other record types.

Platform experience improvements

We are working diligently to improve our platform and infrastructure so that we can provide the optimum experience to our customers.

SuiteFiles Connect management improvements

Our SuiteFiles Connect client portal has made lives easier for so many of our customers. We will further improve how these portals are created and managed within SuiteFiles.

SuiteFiles Connect branding

We will be bringing the ability to add branding colors and logos to your SuiteFiles Connect Portals, similar to our currently available document signing branding.

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