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Karbon Integration

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SuiteFiles' Karbon integration brings additional document management capabilities to the leading practice management software.

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Karbon, a global leader in practice management software for accounting firms, provides an award-winning, collaborative cloud platform focused on streamlining work and communications within a firm and its clients.
SuiteFiles’ Karbon integration allows firms to use their contact and organization data from a single source of truth. Data from Karbon can be used to auto populate SuiteFiles’ features such as document and email templates, the SuiteFiles Connect client portal and digital signing.
The end result is smoother Karbon workflows including onboarding clients, gathering signatures and submitting documents, For example, when a firm onboards a new client, they’ll create that organization and the contacts under it in Karbon practice management. Then, via the integration, they can use that data to auto-populate an engagement letter, send it to their new client for signing, and have a secure spot for their new client to share files with them and collaborate.

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To see all of the Karbon logos in SuiteFiles is pretty exciting because I know my data is going to be consistent wherever I’m working from.


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