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Microsoft 365.

File types you’re used to

but completely cloud based. Open them to the desktop and still have them auto-file back into the cloud. Edit & manage your files from anywhere. Connected to SuiteFiles, Office & Xero.

A powerful Outlook

Make Outlook even better with automated email management and full visibility of your documents, all within the Outlook App.

The best Microsoft 365 features

Microsoft documents, complete version histories and you keep ownership of your data. Simple.


Microsoft 365?

Easy online applications, more features!

Microsoft 365 takes the normal desktop features into the cloud. It gives you access far more features, and becomes the foundation of your document management.

Makes SuiteFiles Suite-r

Microsoft 365 is the pillar SuiteFiles uses to make your practice cloud based. It allows you to work with documents easily. Without it, we’re simply not as Suite.

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