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Find your accounting flow state


How can we ‘stay in the zone’ while working in a busy accounting firm environment and juggling a workload that spans everything from tedious admin to complex client work?

We’ve got you, beginning with our tips for managing your environment and work as well as advice for improving laggy workflows.

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Understanding flow state

Flow isn’t usually something that people experience every day. There are conditions to it like the task being the right balance of do-able and difficult and minimal distractions so that you can lose yourself in your work. We’ll break down the 9 conditions you’ll want to meet.

Maintaining focus in a busy practice

Don’t leave your to-do list to the mercy of distractions! We’ll offer our advice for staying on track while juggling a busy office or hectic schedule.

Time-consuming tasks

Skilled professionals shouldn’t be caught up in the mundane! We’ll shine the spotlight on common areas where you could be working more efficiently.

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