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Xternal Solutions

Xternal Solutions are forward-thinking financial and Xero experts who, with the help of technology, drive clients to reach an improved financial status.

SuiteFiles intuitive nature allowed for quick adoption by the team, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity.

The problem

Manual document management
Before SuiteFiles, Xternal Solutions relied heavily on one-size-fits-all document platforms like Google Drive and OneDrive systems for their dedicated file management. Great on the surface, but lacking the precision tools needed to automate the information flow, resulting in clutter and version control chaos. This platform-inefficiency in managing documents was a significant hindrance for Xternal Solutions, a busy fintech company with extensive accounting and financial responsibilities.

Lack of accessibility
The existing system at Xternal Solutions lacked user accessibility, making it challenging for employees to navigate and manage documents effectively. The lack of an intuitive system led to difficulties in quickly accessing and processing critical financial and accounting documents, especially for a high-volume firm like Xternal Solutions. The company required a solution that could simplify and streamline their document management process, making it more accessible and user-friendly for all team members, irrespective of their technical proficiency.

How we solved it

Enhanced efficiency + user experience
SuiteFiles’ user-friendly interface significantly improved the organization and accessibility of documents. Its intuitive nature allowed for quick adoption by the team, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity. SuiteFiles’ straightforward and organized structure helped Xternal Solutions declutter their previously cumbersome document management process.

Relevant integrations + time-saving symphony
One of the critical reasons Xternal Solutions chose SuiteFiles was its ability to integrate seamlessly with other essential tools and software, in this case, Xero. This integration facilitated a harmonious workflow, essential for efficient financial management. SuiteFiles also introduced time-saving features such as personalized document templates and automated folder creation. These features significantly reduced the time spent on repetitive tasks like setting up new folders for each client or financial year, increasing operational efficiency for Xternal Solutions.


  • Document management system lacked automation and accessibility. 
  • Reliance on disorganized, general platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive. 
  • Non-intuitive document interface clashed with user adoption.  


  • Achieved a streamlined, organized document management system. 
  • Elevated user experience with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. 
  • Eliminated version control confusion.  

Key benefits

  • Improved document organization and accessibility. 
  • Easy integration with existing accounting software. 
  • Automated templates and processes saved time. 
  • Future-ready with potential for advanced integrations. 

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