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Human Accounting

Human Accounting sought a solution to their workspace woes. The answer? SuiteFiles.

SuiteFiles has not only met our initial needs but has also grown with us, continually adapting and enhancing our digital workspace.

The problem

When we launched Human Accounting, we opted for SuiteFiles based on my previous experience, aiming for a smooth and efficient digital setup. Despite this, we soon found ourselves only scratching the surface of its capabilities, particularly in terms of document management. It became clear that while we were comfortable with the platform, we weren’t fully leveraging its potential, especially for integrating with tools like Xero and Microsoft 365.

Our workflow was compartmentalized, with each system functioning independently rather than as a cohesive unit. This disjointed approach prompted us to consider other platforms, suspecting we might be missing out on critical efficiencies. My tech savviness, or lack thereof, meant that unless the benefits of technology were blatantly obvious, they often passed me by.

How we solved it

This all changed when we met Drew from SuiteFiles at a morning tea in their Wellington office, and he helped us understand the full potential of what SuiteFiles could do for us. Drew’s comprehensive training illuminated the platform’s advanced features and integrations, streamlining our operations in ways we hadn’t imagined. The session wasn’t just informative; it was transformative, especially in how we viewed and used SuiteFiles within our workflow.

One of the most impactful changes was in how we handle client documents, especially around the end of the financial year. Thanks to SuiteFiles’ digital signing feature, the cumbersome process of double handling documents has been virtually eliminated. Just days before the end of the financial year, we had 96% of our client documents signed and dated—a testament to the platform’s efficiency and our improved workflow.

Moreover, the integration of SuiteFiles with our existing systems has significantly improved our team’s collaboration and flexibility. Being able to work remotely and access important documents and data seamlessly has not just been a convenience; it’s been essential, especially considering the flexibility we desire in our working hours and locations.

Reflecting on our journey with SuiteFiles, it’s clear that sticking with the platform was the right decision. The thought of transitioning to another system now feels like it would have been a step in the wrong direction. SuiteFiles has not only met our initial needs but has also grown with us, continually adapting and enhancing our digital workspace. The ongoing support and updates from the SuiteFiles team, especially Drew’s follow-up emails, have been invaluable, ensuring we remain on the cutting edge of what’s possible with our digital setup.


  • Underutilized SuiteFiles’ capabilities.
  • Disjointed workflow with separate systems.
  • Missed critical efficiencies due to tech savviness gaps.


  • Fully leveraged SuiteFiles’ potential.
  • Seamless integration with Xero and Microsoft 365.
  • Improved handling and signing of client documents.

Key benefits

  • Eliminated double handling of documents.
  • Enhanced team collaboration and remote work flexibility.
  • Ongoing support and updates ensure cutting-edge usage.

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