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Suncoast Accounting & Bookkeeping

Suncoast Accounting sought a solution to their workspace woes. The answer? SuiteFiles.

It’s not just about having a place to store files; it’s about having a robust, integrated system that supports our practice’s operations and growth.

The problem

When we first started our practice, the excitement was palpable, but so were the challenges, especially when it came to setting up our digital workspace. We began with OneDrive, a tool familiar to many, but soon realized it was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole for our specific needs. OneDrive served its basic purpose, but as our practice grew, its limitations became glaringly apparent. We needed a system not just for storage but for managing our workflow, documents, and client interactions seamlessly. 

Our search was not just about finding a digital file system; it was about finding the right partner to support our vision for a modern, efficient practice. Integration with QuickBooks Online was at the top of our list, given its centrality to our operations. We had embraced QuickBooks for its robust features but found ourselves in a bind trying to make it work smoothly with our digital file management. The disjointedness was palpable and often led to frustrating workarounds that cost us time and efficiency. 

Cost-effectiveness was another critical factor. As a burgeoning practice, every dollar spent needed to bring tangible value. We were navigating a tightrope, balancing the investment in our digital infrastructure with the need to remain financially prudent. The market offered a plethora of solutions, each promising the moon, but the reality was often a complex, costly system that required more from us than it gave. 

How we solved it

The move to SuiteFiles opened up a new world of possibilities. Suddenly, the fears of losing work due to a computer crash or having to pause operations for hardware repairs seemed like concerns of the past. The cloud-based resilience SuiteFiles offered meant we could work from anywhere, anytime, without a hitch. Yes, adapting to a cloud-centric workflow had its learning curve—like managing downloads more frequently than I’d like—but the trade-offs were well worth it. 

Our clients’ reception to SuiteFiles has been varied but mostly positive. We’ve seen everything from clients who use it annually for their tax documents to those who are embracing the proactive approach of regularly updating their financial documents. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible for them, reassuring them along the way and encouraging a shift towards more dynamic, ongoing document management. 

Reflecting on our journey with SuiteFiles, it’s been a broadening experience. It’s not just about having a place to store files; it’s about having a robust, integrated system that supports our practice’s operations and growth. SuiteFiles has become more than a tool; it’s a cornerstone of our digital strategy, offering a level of integration and efficiency that we hadn’t imagined before. The platform has taught us the value of adaptability and the power of a well-chosen digital partner in navigating the complexities of modern accounting practice. 


  • Relied solely on OneDrive. 
  • Needed better integration with QuickBooks. 
  • Sought cost-effective, efficient solutions. 


  • Adopted a robust cloud-based system. 
  • Achieved seamless QuickBooks integration. 
  • Embraced the learning curve for optimization. 

Key benefits

  • Enhanced operational resilience. 
  • Streamlined document management. 
  • Improved client service and engagement. 
  • Realized significant time savings. 

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