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Treysta Accounting

Treysta Accounting, with a mission focused on client empowerment for over 30 years, has harnessed the value of SuiteFiles to streamline their operations and serve clients with precision.

99% of our team found the transition to SuiteFiles very easy to adapt to, and we were supported the entire time by the incredible Customer Support team.

The problem

Like many accounting firms, we faced a massive problem during the Covid-19 pandemic – How to transition to a remote working environment as a workplace that is so reliant on documents. Our existing document management system wasn’t working, we were spending far too much searching for documents. We were also experiencing issues with version control, every time we needed to update a document, it would create a new version. After a while, we would find ourselves with multiple versions of the same file, which made finding the correct and current version an unwelcome slog.

The other issue we needed solved was a document management system that offered digital signing. Too often we found ourselves downloading a document, printing it, signing it, scanning it, and then emailing it to the client, who would have to repeat the process on their end. All in all, our existing systems and processes were too tedious and inefficient, and we felt there had to be a better way of doing things.

How we solved it

I had experience using SuiteFiles at a previous workplace, and it was recommended by our Xero account manager, it was just common sense to make the switch. The integrated digital signing built into the platform has been a lifesaver. We’re no longer limited to printing and physically signing documents. Instead, we simply add the signees in the required signing order, hit send, and watch the signatures roll in. It’s saved me 75% of the time I used to spend on administrative tasks, freeing me to focus on other areas of our business where we can bring additional value to our customers. Our clients also find it much more convenient, as with the mobile signing support, they can sign documents on the go, significantly reducing the time required and fast-tracking our approval and authentication processes.

99% of our team found the transition to SuiteFiles very easy to adapt to, and we were supported the entire time by the incredible Customer Support team. They would always be in touch within a few hours of sending an email, and I’m still talking with the same people I dealt with four years ago, the continuity is brilliant. They made the migration process incredibly easy and straightforward, guiding us through the transition. Sarab, our migration agent, spent three hours on a call with us, showing us where our files were going, and making sure our unique requirements were taken into consideration the entire time.

The development team has been excellent, they’re clearly very thorough and detailed, every time we have a new update SuiteFiles works the same as before, without any major bugs breaking our system. They are also great at actioning user feedback; I’ve made multiple feature requests and seeing them enacted reassures us that our feedback is valued and is helping shape the product. It’s a personal touch that really makes a difference, making SuiteFiles not just a software we use, it’s a tool that actively adapts to meet our needs.

And it’s not just our firm that is benefiting from SuiteFiles. Our clients love it, the other firms we work with love it, and its increased efficiencies across our entire business. Our clients know that they can get responses back faster, as we can now search documents for specific text and keywords using SuiteFiles’ powerful full-text search feature. The SuiteFiles integration with Xero means I no longer waste time swapping between multiple apps. The two platforms synergize so well together, and all the information I need can be found on both.

For a powerful and intuitive software that helps us so much, you’d think we were paying a fortune for the privilege. That’s not the case at all. The actual cost of the SuiteFiles license is very reasonable, you get one app that can replace multiple platforms, bringing in much more value than the software costs.


  • Transitioning to remote work during Covid-19 posed challenges.
  • Inefficient document management led to time-consuming file searches.
  • Struggled with version control and multiple file versions.
  • Manual document signing process was time-consuming


  • Successfully transition to a remote-friendly working environment.
  • Increased system efficiencies, saving time and improving document management.
  • Eliminate version control issues increasing clarity.
  • Revolutionized document signing, enhancing client experience.
  • Exceptional support ensured a smooth migration

Key benefits

  • 75% reduction in administrative tasks, saving time.
  • 99% of employees found the transition easy.
  • Increased software stability and system efficiencies.
  • Improved client experience and satisfaction.
  • Cost-effective solution, delivering substantial value.

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