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Sandra, the founder of Auaha, sat down with us to talk about her almost decade long journey with SuiteFiles.

Once SuiteFiles support had helped us set up our folder structures, we were ready to get back to business without the lag and delays of the terminal server.

The problem

We’d been using SharePoint on a terminal server but became frustrated with having to log into a remote desktop to access our filesWorking from a terminal server also meant putting up with delays which would trip us up in our day-to-day. To improve our business processes, we set out to leave the terminal server and gain efficiencies from working in the cloud.   

How we solved it

It’s fair to say we hit the ground running when moving to the cloud. Once SuiteFiles support had helped us set up our folder structures, we were ready to get back to business without the lag and delays of the terminal server.  

On top of its cloud capabilities, SuiteFiles’ customisation of SharePoint has added great value to our agency. As long time SharePoint users, we know what it’s like to get bogged down by all the tools and menus which populate its homepage. Since switching to SuiteFiles’ user-friendly interface, we’ve found it much easier to access our files. Sharing files is similarly easy now that we can grab links directly from our document management system and send them out with notes and due dates. 

Being able to set email templates has been another great help, especially for coordinating events. If we need to book accommodation or secure a venue, we simply pull up our templates and fill in the details. This saves us having to constantly rewrite generic emails and ensures consistency across our team.  


  • Lag and delays working from a terminal server. 
  • Difficulties navigating SharePoint’s interface.


  • Able to work faster as a result of moving to the cloud. 
  • Easily navigate through files using SuiteFiles user-friendly interface. 
  • Able to set email templates instead of rewriting generic emails.

Key benefits

  • Being able to work more productively and enjoy a document management system which integrates with applications already in use. 
  • Have access to features which streamline business practices. 

Tips & tricks

Use favourites to create shortcuts to your projects 

  • Whenever we start a new event, we make sure to favourite the folder we’ll be using for quick access. This cuts out the clicks it takes to navigate through a folder structure and saves time accessing our most pressing projects. 

Improve your email management by renaming email files 

  • Taking care of email management is always a top priority for us. Because downloaded emails typically have convoluted titles, it can be difficult finding what file you’re after – even if its in the appropriate folder! To prevent this, I’d suggest renaming emails within SuiteFiles so that they’re easily identifiable.   

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