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Ballards LLP

Ben, a partner of Ballards LLP, recently answered some questions about his experience transitioning to, and using SuiteFiles.

Document signing has saved us time and improved efficiency. This has proven to be invaluable during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Moving to Suite

Ballards was reliant on Virtual Cabinet, a server-based document management system, alongside a traditional file server. They were seeing all the typical pain points of printing & postage costs, inability to access files easily outside the office, and frequent expensive updates.

They then moved to Xero with the help of Bridge3 services, and now integrate with both Xero Practice Manager and SuiteFiles.

SuiteFiles benefits

Their favourite features are: the ability to search their whole SuiteFiles database for specific client folders and files, the Outlook add-in so they can automatically save emails to client folders and easily attach documents, and the ability to generate information and letters through the SuiteFiles and Xero Practice Manager integration.

Biggest impact

Although they are still in the process of transitioning to be fully cloud-based as they await a reliable accounts production software alternative, they have a reduced reliance on server management – they can now access their files from anywhere and save costs by digitally sending and signing files and folders. By moving to cloud-based management, Ballards were prepared for the inability to meet with clients in person, this was invaluable during the Covid-19 lockdown period.


  • Reliant on server-based management
  • Virtual Cabinet for workflow and document management
  • Printing and postage costs


  • Cloud-based to reduce reliance on server
  • Easily accessible files and folders
  • Time and cost savings through Digital Signing & Connect

Key benefits

  • Being able to provide a secure, simple signing option both internally and for clients
  • A secure and contactless way to exchange documents
  • All client documents in one place
  • Generate information and letters through the SuiteFiles and Xero Practice Manager integration.

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