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Alan Brookes Group

The Alan Brookes Group needed a cloud-based solution that would work with, not against their existing app stack. With SuiteFiles, they found it.

SuiteFiles user-friendly interface and relevant integrations brought newfound efficiences in information sharing.

The problem

We had transitioned from a virtual, server-based system to a digital, cloud-based setup, but consistently encountered issues with speed and accessibility, further complicated by firewall barriers. This was exacerbated by our team being distributed across four offices. We faced significant challenges in sharing information efficiently with each other and our diverse range of clients, including owner-managed businesses and social enterprises.  

These challenges not only impacted our workflow efficiency but also hindered our aspirations of becoming a paperless office, a goal that seemed increasingly elusive as we struggled with the limitations of our technology stack. 

How we solved it

Enter SuiteFiles: a game-changer in our firm’s journey to embracing digital.

We discovered SuiteFiles at Xerocon London in 2022. The sales team were lovely and informative, without being too pushy. The SuiteFiles integration with Office 365, particularly Outlook, was a pivotal factor in our decision to join the SuiteFiles community. This integration allowed us to manage our email correspondence more efficiently, a critical need in our client-focused approach to business.  

SuiteFiles’ user-friendly interface and seamless integration with our existing systems, notably Xero Practice Manager, revolutionized how we accessed and managed documents. This transition was not just a technical upgrade; it was a cultural shift for our team. From initial apprehensions to adapting to new ways of storing and accessing information, the SuiteFiles support and migration team facilitated a smooth transition for our team, including those less familiar with digital environments. 

The shift to SuiteFiles brought a newfound efficiency in information sharing, making it easier without compromising on security. Notably, the transition helped us move significantly closer to achieving a paperless office, reducing our reliance on physical documents and fostering a more sustainable, efficient digital workflow. 

The integration with Xero Practice Manager and its evolution over the past year added another layer of efficiency to our operations. SuiteFiles’ ability to integrate documents directly from web browsers and other platforms, along with its compatibility with various software applications, provided the flexibility and efficiency we needed. Its functionalities, such as connected folders and the ease of sharing and controlling access, both internally and externally, further streamlined our processes.  

The journey with SuiteFiles has been about more than just overcoming technical challenges; it’s been about adapting to a digital-first approach, simplifying complex processes, and keeping our focus on providing personal service to our clients. 


  • Inefficient sharing with clients; hindered paperless office goal. 
  • Limited by outdated technology, impeding workflow efficiency. 
  • Struggled with a slow hosted desktop system that didn’t integrate well with cloud based software.


  • SuiteFiles and Office 365 integration streamlined document management. 
  • Enhanced internal and client collaboration; closer to paperless. 
  • Simplified, secure information sharing; maintained personal client service. 

Key benefits

  • Streamlined document management and access 
  • Significant strides towards a paperless office 
  • Enhanced internal and client collaboration 
  • User-friendly for non-technical staff 

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