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Baldry + Sanford

Baldry and Sanford work with businesses who are ‘hungry for improvement.’ So, it makes sense that the Orewa-based, New Zealand practice wanted to move off their expensive servers and into the cloud. To hear about their experience with SuiteFiles, we caught up Anne, Baldry's resident Xero guru & Account tech.

Since making the jump to SuiteFiles, we have the comfort of knowing our files are being stored securely in the cloud.

The problem

The on-going costs and maintenance which came with working from a server were a constant pain point for our team. Although we invested a lot of time and money into our server, we still found ourselves running into server-crashes and broader issues like not being able to find our files efficiently.  

As we began the search for a cloud-based solution, we realised we could save money while addressing some of our security concerns. Namely, the threat of viruses and the risk of our server giving out on us before we were ready. 

Once we had refined our search to document management systems compatible with Office 365 and Xero, we set three priorities – security, ease of use and a set up similar to our existing file storage system.  

How we solved it

SuiteFiles feels familiar and has allowed our team to find and save files just as we’d been doing in our previous system. The only difference is that we now have a standardised way of filing documents and search settings to help us locate files. We’ve also been able to introduce remote working options for staff, giving us greater flexibility across our practice.

The pricing is transparent and clear. For example, there’s no cap on the number of SuiteFiles signatures I can request from my clients. SuiteFiles delivers on what they say they will – what was sold to me is what I’ve got! I’ve been able to use their features to match my processes and create automations and efficiencies I didn’t have before. Being able to set templates has been fantastic for preparing generic documents and we regularly use the Outlook add-in to save emails and ensure they’re accessible across our team.

Since making the jump to SuiteFiles, we have the comfort of knowing our files are being stored securely in the cloud. Everything saved in my SuiteFiles account is my own and I can do what I like with it, SuiteFiles doesn’t have ownership of it and doesn’t restrict extraction.


  • Ongoing costs and maintenance working from server.
  • Too much time spent searching for files.
  • Concerns about security.


  • A great fit – faster and easier to access files.
  • Templates to cut time writing generic documents.
  • Easily save client emails from Outlook add-in.

Key benefits

  • A step towards being 100% cloud-based.
  • Addressed concerns about security.

Tips & tricks

Use SuiteFiles bulk folder generation service 

  • If you’re heading into a new financial year, this is a great way to lighten your workload. Instead of manually adding folders for each client, SuiteFiles can step in to bulk generate all of the folders you’ll need for the coming financial year.   

Limit your file storage to one system

  • It’s easy to lose track of documents when youre having to store them across different applications. Moving to a document management system is a great opportunity to organise your files in one place and ensure they’re accessible across your business. 

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