Scott, the director of Maxim Accounting, recently chatted to us about his experience before and after transitioning to SuiteFiles, here's what he had to say:

I was attracted to how simple it was, five minutes into the demo, people said, ‘Oh, I can use this, I get what’s going on.'

The problem

We are on an ageing terminal server and keen to find a reliable document management system that can work with other applications. We have been through a difficult cloud transition with another provider once beforeWe want an application that lets us file documents online and attach it to jobs in WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager.  

How we solved it

An email and a demo later, I was convinced that SuiteFiles was what my practice needed. SuiteFiles has enhanced things that were hard that shouldn’t have been. Things as simple as filing emails, it takes two seconds with the SuiteFiles Outlook add-in – the efficiency of what we’re doing has increased significantly from the way we used to operate. I’m a raving fan of SuiteFiles. I’d recommend to anyone looking to streamline their document management.  


  • Ageing terminal server
  • Compactors full of client files
  • Previous painful cloud transitions


  • Significantly increased efficiency
  • Team now understands processes
  • Email filing takes 2 seconds

Key benefits

  • All Scott needed was a device and a WIFI connection  
  • A simple migration process which made for a simple move to the cloud
  • I can now file Xero documents online and attach to jobs in XPM  
  • Second to none for software support 

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