Craig, the director of Resource Accounting, talks about why he transitioned to SuiteFiles and the main benefits for his practice!

We originally looked at SuiteFiles in 2013. By the time we revisited it in 2017, the functionality improvements were impressive and there were so many definite benefits for our practice.

The problem

Resource Accounting were using Google Drive, but the integrations with XPM were difficult to use, and the search facilities weren’t of the standard we needed for our practice.

SuiteFiles benefits

Not once have we regretted the move across to SuiteFiles. We love the support provided by the team, and the benefits to our practice have been undeniable. We couldn’t name a single favourite feature, it’s a close call between the ability to create and auto-populate templates and the desktop app that allows us to view, access, edit and create files in SuiteFiles straight from the file explorer. The integration with XPM has also seen time-savings for us. Being able to create a template for our annual work papers, and then create these on the fly into client folders and use them straight away has been huge for us.


  • Google Drive
  • Clunky search
  • Several manual processes


  • SuiteFiles ‘Super Suite’
  • Automations through templates
  • Integration into XPM

Key benefits

  • Template creation for not just word, excel and emails, but also for folder structures has been a key time saver
  • Two-way integration with XPM means that there is a single source of truth for client information and documents
  • SuiteFiles Drive app allows users to access documents from their file explorer, making SuiteFiles incredible easy to use for all
  • Very smooth initial set up process, and continued support from the Suite Team!

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