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How to use template categories in SuiteFiles

By April 11, 2018April 9th, 2024No Comments

Using templates in your business is a great way to save time, reduce errors, and ensure consistency. SuiteFiles allows you to create templates out of files, emails and folders. By storing them in SuiteFiles, you can make all of your templates easily accessible to your wider team. In our latest update to the SuiteFiles system, we introduced template categories to make managing your templates even easier.

Many businesses currently use SuiteFiles to create and manage their templates. The new template category feature allows admins to group templates, making them easier to sort through when you create a new file. For example, if you have a newsletter or blog post template for your business, you could group them under the ‘Marketing’ category.

At the moment, you can put any type of file – a document, email or folder – into a category, but categories only appear when you create a new document. We hope to surface categories for folder and email templates soon.

Note: You will need Admin access to manage templates and to create template categories.

This is how the template category feature works:

If you have Admin access, a new option to Manage Templates will appear under ‘More’ in the tool bar at the top of SuiteFiles.

This is the template manager view – this is where you can view all of the templates you currently store in SuiteFiles. From here you can also create new categories, or add templates to a category.

To create a new category, click on the plus symbol next to the Categories title in the left-hand column.

Give the category a name, and click ‘Create category.’

To add a template to a category, click on the three dots next to the template name. Hover over ‘Add to category…’ and a drop-down list of all of your current categories will appear. Click on a category to add that template to it.

Template categories is just one way SuiteFiles makes managing your files a breeze. We’ve got more features coming to the system in the coming months. Sign up to our monthly newsletter in order to not miss out on the news!

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