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Product update – edit signees, automated trials, and share to Connect

By September 5, 2023No Comments

It’s already September! I’m sure everyone feels like time is flying past. We know we have a number of customers that are at the end of their financial year. We expect some of the below updates will be big time savers, helping everyone get their FY (or mid-year) off on the right foot!

Edit Signees

Have you ever sent a document for signing, then asked your client why they haven’t signed it, and it turns out the wrong phone number was used for two factor authentication? That leaves you with no choice but to create a new signing request and cancel the old one just to change their phone number…

Now with edit signees, starting over is a thing of the past! All you have to do as a Super Suite customer is, from the document signing dashboard, click ‘Manage Signees’ on an in progress signing request. From there hit ‘Edit Signees’ to change any details or even add new signees!

We think this will be a life saver for those moments when there’s a signing field that’s missing, an email to update, or even a new signee to add!

Check out our help centre article for more information on this process.

Automated trials 

Do you have friends or colleagues that could benefit from SuiteFiles just like you? Now they can get a trial of SuiteFiles within minutes! It’s as simple as filling out one form and away they go. If they’re a SharePoint admin, they can create a SuiteFiles trial in their own environment. If they’re not an admin they can still get a taste of how SuiteFiles works with a Mini trial.

Pro-tip: Share this link with anyone you think could use SuiteFiles right now. It’s too easy!

Coming soon

Our client portal SuiteFiles Connect is getting some updates to make it easier for you to share files with confidence, toggle edit permission on or off, and for the people you share with to make their own copies easily and quickly.

If you remember the document signing wizard, you’ll be familiar with the upcoming ‘Share to Connect’ screen.

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