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World Backup Day: Protect your data with Suite

By March 31, 2015No Comments

Today is World Backup Day, a handy reminder to make copies of all the digital information and files that we value, such as family photos, videos, business documents and emails. The cost-benefit of making a backup is clear for those of us who have experienced the pain and frustration of losing our data, especially in light of the hours it takes to retrieve or recreate that information.

For businesses, backing up your files is simply sound digital practice and should be part of any recovery plan to ensure business continuity if the worst were to happen. The key benefits of having a backup are security and protection:

Security – Keeping your business’ information and that of your clients safe is of utmost concern. With a backup you can rest easy knowing that you have a copy of your file system stored in a secure, cloud-based location that you can access anytime.

Protection – Data loss can occur due to a range of reasons – fire, natural disaster, malware, and human error. Having a backup means that your business is not at risk from these nasty possibilities.

Especially now when cloud providers and backup solutions are cheaper and easier to access than ever, we no longer have any excuse to not protect our data. Unfortunately many SMBs do not have consistent processes for backing up their file systems. This is where Suite aim to address some issues for the SMB market. We’re currently in the beta stage of our own backups engine that will make backing up a business’ file system out of SharePoint Online a secure and easy process. The Suitebackups beta trial is coming soon and we want you to help us test it! Go to and enter your email address to get on the list for a beta invite. We look forward to getting your feedback.

The beta trial is now over. If you’d like to try SuiteBackups for your business, visit out new website at

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