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Xero Practice Manager integration gets sweet update

By August 10, 2017June 3rd, 20204 Comments

Introducing an exciting new update to SuiteFiles’ integration with Xero Practice Manager. This fresh update to our existing SuiteFiles Chrome Extension introduces additional functionality into XPM, making it easier to update client records across XPM and SuiteFiles.  

Customers of both XPM and SuiteFiles can now enjoy new features that help to streamline processes when it comes to creating and updating client records. This update also improves accuracy by reducing the number of actions needed to update client records across both apps.  

New functions available in the Xero Practice Manager integration: 

  • Ability to create a new client in XPM, and have a corresponding client folder created in SuiteFiles (you can also use a saved folder template in SuiteFiles for this client folder) 
  • Ability to change the client name in XPM, and have the corresponding client folder name updated in SuiteFiles 
  • Ability to archive/unarchive a client, and have the same happen to that client folder in SuiteFiles 
  • Ability to create a new Job or Quote in XPM, and have the corresponding folder created in SuiteFiles 
  • Print reports directly into SuiteFiles from the reports section in XPM

To view all of the new functionality available in our integration with Xero Practice Manager, watch this demo

Xero Tax, Xero blue & Work papers

New functions are also available in Xero Tax, Xero blue and Work papers through this update to the SuiteFiles Chrome Extension. You can now:

  • Print reports from Xero blue to SuiteFiles
  • Print tax returns from Xero Tax to SuiteFiles
  • Download work papers into SuiteFiles

How to get the new XPM update

You will need to install and login to the SuiteFiles Chrome Extension. If you already have the Chrome Extension installed, you will just need to login to the Chrome Extension to access the XPM update.

We’re committed to improving the functionality and value that customers of both Xero Practice Manager and SuiteFiles receive from this integration. Let us know what you think of the update via the comments section below or through one our social media accounts! 


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Join the discussion 4 Comments

  • Anthony McIlroy says:

    Great update. Just yesterday I was venting frustration at the discord between XPM as the CRM and Suitefiles as the document storage. This will help alot.
    Creating the folders for jobs is a great improvement, previously you needed to save a file to the local hard disk then drag it onto the documents section of XPM to create the folder structure.

    I’m not sure how you are dealing with repeating jobs as presumably new folder structures won’t be created for these???/ Thus it would be great to see a manual option from the chrome extension that allows you to manual create the job folder structure if required.

    • Jamie Bruin says:

      Thanks for the feedback Anthony, we’re really happy to be able to help make things easier with using XPM and SuiteFIles together. We don’t currently have any functionality for recurring jobs. Great idea about the manual option to create the job structure, I’ll add this as a feature request so you may see it in a future update.

  • Stuart says:

    I understand there is no API for Xero Tax in Australia or New Zealand. How have you been able to get information from Xero Tax?

    • Jamie Bruin says:

      Hi Stuart, we haven’t actually taken any information from Xero Tax but have rather just placed a button on the screen. We’re strictly saving the Tax Returns to SuiteFiles which doesn’t require any information from Xero Tax.

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