your data.

Moving your data from it's current home into SuiteFiles is a simple process that our migrations team can do for you. Migrating all of your business files, folders and emails can be done over a weekend to minimise downtime, or at any time that is convenient to your business! Our team are around at each point to help as needed.

It doesn't matter whether your data is sitting on a server, in the cloud or in a completely different system, we can pick up your data and move it no matter where it lives.

Migration steps


Get SuiteFiles set up

Make sure you have your SuiteFiles account set up so there's somewhere for the data to go. You can request a trial using the Trial Now button.

Decide what you want to migrate

Decide what data you want to bring across. It might be only current clients, or only the last 3 years, or everything!

Book a migration inspection

Book in a file inspection with our team here. We'll go through more detail on the process and we can plan whether you DIY or we migrate the data for you.

Choose a date

You'll work with our team to pick a date to move all of your data across. This can be done on a weekday or a weekend, depending on availability and your preferences.

Sign the migration agreement

We'll send an agreement with all the details, including what data we're bring across and the date. Click to sign and we're good to go.

Files are moved!

Sit back, relax and enjoy your time, because we'll be moving all of your files without you needing to lift a finger and we'll let you know when it's done!

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