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documents in the cloud

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Everything in One Place

Keep all your business documents in one place and enjoy great oversight and security. Ensure all documents are up-to-date and prevent information silos from developing across your team.

Files & emails together
Save important emails with your files through a simple drag/drop action in the SuiteFiles Outlook add-in. Preview the email in SuiteFiles quickly without having to open it, and even see attachment and sender information.
Support for heaps of file types
Manage everything - files, emails, videos, templates, client records - in one place, and make it accessible to your staff.
Access templates
Store and manage your document and email templates from SuiteFiles.
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Intuitive & Easy to Use

We know you don't have time to waste, so SuiteFiles makes it easy to access the files you need quickly and with no fuss. SuiteFiles is familiar and easy-to-use - just turn it on and hit the ground running from Day 1.

Familiar look and feel
SuiteFiles looks like file systems that you're familiar with, making it easy to learn and quick to master.
Folder based organisation
SuiteFiles is built using a folder structure, making it easy to file and find documents without relying on staff to understand meta-data or tags.
Fast drag & drop uploads
Quickly upload multiple files and folders straight into SuiteFiles with a drag and drop action.
Use Microsoft Office in your business
SuiteFiles integrates with Office 365 so you can still enjoy familiar Microsoft Office tools like Word and Excel, whether it's through Office web apps or through the desktop programs.
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Everything at Your Fingertips

Find up-to-date information quickly and access the documents you need with ease. SuiteFiles makes it fast and incredibly simple!

Preview documents quickly
Find the right documents fast by previewing files, emails and other content without opening them first.
Easily search across all your documents
Find documents quickly through our powerful search feature, with additional filters to help you refine your search.
Access your most relevant documents
SuiteFiles makes it easy to get back to work on recent documents through the recent tab, or star your favourite files and folders for quick access.
Client focused
Clients are at the core of every business, so we've made it easy to access your client folders and information by optimising search and including great CRM integrations.
Screenshot of SuiteFiles templating feature

Save Time & Increase Office Productivity

SuiteFiles speeds up or completely removes tedious and complicated day-to-day tasks. Through easy to complete actions and smart features, you'll easily improve efficiency in the office.

Scanning integration
Reduce clutter and make all your files accessible to staff by digitising your paper files through SuiteFiles' easy scanning feature.
Create smart templates
Create, manage and access document, folder and email templates right from SuiteFiles. Make them available to staff straight away and even prepopulate file and email templates with your client information.

Ready to save time and think less about file management?

Get your work done with SuiteFiles. It's the engine that runs your business, empowering you to work faster and smarter with your files. Seamlessly integrated with other powerful productivity and business tools like Xero and Office 365, your business will be humming in no time. See what SuiteFiles can do for your team.

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