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Suite Christmas Message

By December 11, 2014April 9th, 2024No Comments

It’s that time of year again! Just over two weeks until Christmas. I have this romantic notion that things slow down at this time and no one wants to do any work as we’re all winding down to the holidays with long lunches and lots of after work drinks – yeah right!

I’m not sure about everyone else but the past week here has been crazy as we look to get migrations done before the holidays. We’re also getting lots of inquiries for trials and demos – I assume people are already thinking about next year and getting ahead of the game.

It’s been a big year at The Full Suite. When I look back at what we’ve done it’s pretty amazing.

The team has changed a little. We employed our designer Dana at the start of the year and you can tell the quality of the way things look and work has taken a couple of big steps forward. We also have Kim working for us looking after communications and marketing things (keeping me honest and ensuring that I get what’s required done). And you may have also seen our announcement about Brett joining our Board. Brett is based in Seattle and has a lot of experience and success taking a product company to the world. We’re hoping he’ll be able to help us do the same.

From a product perspective we sort of rebranded things. We now refer to our apps as SuiteFiles web and SuiteFiles Outlook. The thought here is that it’s all SuiteFiles, you’re just accessing your files from different applications.

It’s been quite a buzz talking to businesses who we demonstrated SuiteFiles to about 12 months ago and hear them talk about the great improvements that have been made. The web app has had a zillion little things done to it over the year all of which add up to a really great file management system.

Our big release this year was SuiteFiles Outlook. This has been a great success. It was quite a large missing piece in the Office 365 puzzle and it really allows you to work productively with your files. We’ve also put in some great “Suite” touches like full text search over your filed emails and enhanced search for clients. If you haven’t seen the Outlook app and want to take a look, get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

Next year promises to be just as big. You’re all asking for a “client portal” where you can easily share folders of documents with your clients. And we’re also looking to give the Xero Practice Manager/WorkflowMAX integration a shake up and make that even better for everyone using it. Look out for these next year.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have been using SuiteFiles. Your support is what allows us to keep going. We’re working hard to continue improving SuiteFiles on all platforms for you.

From the team here at The Full Suite we hope that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season as well as an awesome 2015.

Riley Malins

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