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Why you should pay attention to Chrome’s External Protocol Request

By September 18, 2015April 9th, 2024No Comments

What is an External Protocol Request?

When opening a file using the Chrome browser you may see the following message. It can happen from SuiteFiles (where most of our customers see it) or from any other web page.


Many people assume this is an error in the system. It’s not. This is Google trying to be helpful and letting you know that some action from the browser is trying to open another application – whether it be a specific action that you wanted to take or maybe something malicious in the site you’re looking at. It’s simply a warning from Chrome.

Do I need to take action when I see it?

Yes. You need to take action when you see this warning as it’s stopping you from opening Office documents from SuiteFiles directly into the desktop version of Office.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Check the Remember my choice for all links of this type box,
  2. Click the Launch Application button,
  3. Close SuiteFiles,
  4. Open SuiteFiles,
  5. Go back to the file you need to open and click on it.

The file will now open in the appropriate desktop Office application. You’ll need to do this once for each file type that Chrome doesn’t allow for (e.g. once for Word, once for Excel, etc).

If you have an issue where files simply won’t open out of Chrome, it’s possible that the Do Nothing option was selected. This means Chrome won’t open the files in desktop Office in the future. We can resolve this but we recommend getting in touch with to ask us to get online with you and help you through it.


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