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The top 5 DMS features and how SuiteFiles delivers

By December 4, 2023No Comments

In an era where data is king and workflow efficiency is pivotal, the right document management system (DMS) can be a game-changer for any business. We surveyed 100 professional service firms in accounting, law, engineering and property, from the United States to Australia. Our results highlighted the clear top five features in a DMS. Let’s delve into why these features are crucial and how our document-led digital workspace delivers on these expectations.  

  1. Security: The foundation of trust

In our survey, security emerged as the primary non-negotiable feature. With complicated cyber threats becoming increasingly more common, protecting your sensitive data is paramount. We understand this, offering robust security measures including encryption, secure data centers, and regular, comprehensive backups within your own Microsoft environment. Our unwavering commitment to security builds a foundation of trust – an essential component in today’s business landscape. 

  1. Viewing of documents: Accessibility meets functionality

Ease of access and readability of documents are essential for efficient workflow. Our digital workspace offers a streamlined interface where viewing various document formats – from PDFs to Word documents and image files – is seamless and intuitive. Whether you’re working on a detailed report or a creative mockup, SuiteFiles ensures a smooth, integrated viewing experience across devices, enabling you to focus on the content without compatibility concerns. 

  1. Sharing internally and externally: Collaborate without boundaries

Sharing documents, both within your team and with external stakeholders, should be straightforward and secure. SuiteFiles facilitates easy sharing, ensuring control and traceability. Share links with specific access permissions, track who viewed your document and when, and collaborate confidently knowing that our enterprise-grade security keeps your shared data secure. Imagine effortlessly working on a proposal with your team and sharing it instantly with a client for feedback – all within a secure environment. 

A diagram depicting how SuiteFiles supports every lifecycle stage of a professional services firm's clients.
  1. Simple/Easy navigation: Intuitive interface for all users

Navigating a DMS shouldn’t require extensive training. Our carefully crafted UX design ensures users of all technical abilities can find what they need quickly and easily. With a user-friendly interface and logical organization, SuiteFiles makes document management accessible, reducing the learning curve and allowing your team to work more efficiently. Feedback from users highlights how the straightforward design of SuiteFiles facilitates a smoother transition from traditional systems, enhancing overall productivity. 

  1. Searching or finding documents: Quick access at your fingertips

Time spent searching for documents is time lost. Our powerful search functionality means finding the right document is just a few keystrokes away. This feature enhances productivity by drastically reducing the time taken to locate files, even within vast repositories of data. Be it a contract from five years ago or a recent email exchange, SuiteFiles ensures you have what you need when you need it. 

Integration with other tools: A harmonious ecosystem 

SuiteFiles isn’t just a standalone product; it’s a central part of your digital ecosystem. It integrates beautifully with popular business tools and platforms, enhancing overall productivity and ensuring a unified workflow. This integration capability allows for a smooth flow of data and processes between applications, creating a more efficient and connected working environment. Our integration partners include Xero, Microsoft 365, Quickbooks Online, Karbon and more.  

Real-world impact: A user’s perspective 

Consider the case of US accounting firm, Copper Ledger, after implementing SuiteFiles. They improved their onboarding experience for their team, reduced the amount of software subscriptions they were paying, and improved client experiences across the board. This real-world example demonstrates how SuiteFiles can transform daily operations, enhancing both efficiency and client service quality. You can read more about Copper Ledger’s transformative journey here.  

While these top five features form the core of an effective DMS, SuiteFiles offers much more. From version control to real-time collaboration, our platform is designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of modern businesses. SuiteFiles isn’t just a DMS; it’s a tool that harmonizes security, efficiency, and collaboration, enhancing your operational efficacy and client satisfaction. Discover the full spectrum of features SuiteFiles offers and see how we can transform your document management experience. 

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