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Tools to Enhance Collaboration

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When businesses are collaborating effectively, this creates an environment for goals and objectives to be met and knowledge sharing to take place within a team. SuiteFiles helps so many businesses collaborate through various features and integrations.

This blog outlines those features, integrations and internal apps we use to enhance collaboration. We also have a full guide outlining each of the apps, features, and integrations mentioned: check it out here.



Favourite Collaboration Tools for Business

We have invested in a variety of collaboration tools for employees who are working abroad, from home, or in office. Our most loved tools are those that let us instant message, strategically plan, video conference and of course, manage documents.

Instant messaging apps are great for reducing lengthy email chains and the number of emails sent internally (we use Slack and Microsoft Teams). To strategically plan, Trello, Asana and are our favourites! These three options have so many capabilities for internal and external sharing of boards and tasks, they help us to keep on track without getting lost in messages about a project. Video conferencing is a tool that we’re sure all businesses are now using. Zoom and Microsoft Teams have served us well over our work from home period and currently while we have an employee abroad. Obviously, SuiteFiles tops our list of favourite document management tools but Google Drive and Dropbox deserve a mention due to their personal and free options!

There are so many great apps and software’s that enhance collaboration not mentioned here, so make sure to do your research before deciding on one.


SuiteFiles as a Collaborative Tool

So many SuiteFiles features were built with collaboration in mind. Connect is our feature that allows you to collaborate with external and internal clients and customers, many of our features come off the back of this main portal.

SuiteFiles lets you share folders and files with colleagues, clients and customers to distribute information, gain approval on contracts and complete tasks effectively. Another major collaboration feature is digital signing. This lets you send a document out for signing internally or externally, the document can be easily signed by clicking the name section. This process meets all laws and regulations around signing for most countries (check out our digital signing laws guide here). SuiteFiles also allows you to create and send tasks to be ticked off when completed. This creates a simple way for your clients to understand what you need, as well as a quick follow up process. Another sought after tool is real-time collaboration; When a document is shared, you can enable real-time editing to share ideas and review work, even when working remotely. You can also track changes to create audit trails and see which team member edited which part!

There are many SuiteFiles features not mentioned here that can improve business processes and create further collaboration internally and externally, check out our features page here to learn more.

Integrations for Collaboration

Our integrations are built for further collaboration between clients, colleagues and customers. They collaborate through sharing data between two different systems to create one seamless process. The biggest benefit with integrations is found when they all use a single source of truth (in our app stack, this is XPM). We integrate with Xero Practice Manager, WorkflowMax, Microsoft 365, AccountKit, ATOmate, FuseWorks and GreatSoft (16 October 2023 update: GreatSoft is now known as MYOB Practice Management and we now also integrate with Karbon and QuickBooks Online).

Check out our website here to learn more about our integrations



There are so many apps not mentioned here that are great for collaboration. Before settling on your app stack, do some research into what will be best for your business. If you want to chat collaboration apps, or just want to chat – feel free to send us a message or contact us here.


Download our full collaboration guide here:

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