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Tips for becoming a tech leader

By February 3, 2023No Comments

There’s a clear distinction between businesses leaping into digital technologies and those that have been reluctant to. Businesses that have taken the leap have been rewarded with better working conditions, forecasts of higher profits and a growth rate that’s 5x faster than their peers. Here’s a brief list of what tech leaders have reported since adopting new tech.  

  • Improved accessibility of files and client data resulting in better client experiences.  
  • Standardization of tasks allowing for easily repeatable processes at scale and across staff experience levels.   
  • Greater productivity from automation of low-value admin work and integrations between systems.   
  • Seamless remote work and time saved for staff, boosting morale.   

Identifying your software

Before beginning a digital transformation project, first consider: 

What are the major pain points at the moment for the business? 

e.g. Where can we identify business risk at the moment? Which processes are time-consuming and prone to human error?  

Which software will have the greatest ongoing impact on the business? 

e.g. Which process improvements will have the largest, sustainable impact on the business?

What level of investment will learning the software require? 

e.g. What training and comms are required to successfully implement this software? 

Digital adoption 

Implementing a new piece of software isn’t as easy as attending a few group training sessions and reading 1 or 2 guides. You can only retain so much information from limited exposure which is especially true when taking on a difficult task.   

As a result, you need to consider ‘digital adoption’ and put measures in place so that staff are getting access to the information they need at a regular clip.  

Unlock the same efficiencies as tech leaders!  

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