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We’ll drink to that! 5 million file migrated with SuiteMoves

By June 23, 2015April 9th, 2024No Comments


We’re very excited to reach the 5 million mark with SuiteMoves. The app has progressed a lot, and we can’t wait to bring out V.2. Seeing how it has been picked up and loved by partners has been awesome.

— Callum McNeill, CTO @ SuiteFiles


We’ll drink to that!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nothing celebrated… well, no whiskey is drunk. I’ve been holding onto a bottle of Glenfiddich for years now. Bringing it out to mark Suite’s big milestones seemed an appropriate use for it. And what a big milestone it is.

Migrating over 5 million files is a massive achievement for us. We developed SuiteMoves because we couldn’t find a reliable way to migrate files to SharePoint Online without having to do lots of manual work first. SuiteMoves removes the need for that – it’s fast, reliable, and comes with a full report on what has and has not migrated.

Two weeks ago we did a 600,000 file migration to SharePoint Online and 30 files failed to upload – that’s a 0.005% failure rate! But we’re perfectionists, so obviously a 0% failure rate is ideal. We’re constantly updating SuiteMoves to try and achieve this, which I’m happy to say occasionally we do.

Big thanks to our partners who are using SuiteMoves for their customers and who have helped to shape and improve the tool, plus moved many files themselves.

We look forward to the next drink.


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