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Moving your data to the Cloud can be a “process” you don’t want to remember. For many people it can all happen very easily with the help of a friendly expert (like our guy Archie). For others it can be a bit harder – even Archie has had some interesting migrations he’s had to deal with along the way.

The team at Suite are dedicated to making this process so much easier and taking away the pain for our client. As a result we have pulled together a series of best practice tools to make it as easy as possible.

We Call Them SuiteMoves…

SuiteMoves – it’s all about migrating your mailboxes (emails, contacts, calendars and tasks) and documents into Office 365. And everyone seems to have a different starting point which can make the process interesting.

Mailbox Migrations

The mailbox migration tools we use not only move mailbox content but they also set up your Office 365 account, create the users, purchase and then assign the licenses. And if you’re using Outlook on a Windows computer, it’ll even help by configuring it to connect to your Office 365 mailbox. Too easy – and sweet.

Document Migrations

Document migration is a tougher challenge. There are a number of constraints that we need to work with:

  • Folder and files names can’t be too long,
  • The full file path also has a limit in length,
  • Some characters aren’t allowed in the file names,
  • File sizes must be less than 25 MB, and
  • Certain files types are not allowed

Then there’s the issue of speed. Moving files across the internet can take time.

We’ve worked out ways to make this easy and quick then put it into a pretty neat little tool that’s only available to our Suite Files users. Call it a value add.

Get Your Business To The Cloud – NOW!

If you’ve been thinking about the Cloud and how it can help your business but don’t know where to start then you need to talk to us. At Suite we’re experts in getting businesses of all sizes into the right cloud computing plans and doing the migrations. Give me a call on +64 4 916 5176 to discuss your needs. We even offer a free 1 hour consultation to determine whether your business is ready for the Cloud and what it’ll take to get there.

Keen on a free trial of Office 365 and SuiteFiles? Get the Office 365 trial here and send me an email to let me know what your requirements are.


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