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SuiteFiles for Outlook is here!

By September 22, 2014April 9th, 2024No Comments

We did it!

SuiteFiles Outlook is live. Today!

Want to know more about this great new app?

We are running three free introductory webinars about SuiteFiles Outlook. These are scheduled for:

  • Monday 22 September at 10:30am NZST
  • Wednesday 24 September at 4pm NZST
  • Thursday 25 September at 12pm NZST

Please join us – sign up here at Suite Webinar Sign Ups.

Want to Get SuiteFiles Outlook?

Ready to go now and want SuiteFiles Outlook? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. We’re also launching a management portal today where you can manage your subscriptions – log in to– you need to be an administrator of your Office 365 account to do this and you need to enter your SuiteFiles URL along with your Office 365 user name and password
  2. Enter your credit card details – YES – we are also launching our recurring credit card payment service so no more having to manually pay our invoices each month!
  3. Upgrade your plan to either The Full Suite or The Full Suite Pro – note the new costs of these plans when you upgrade –
  4. Your Office 365 users will be sent emails telling them how to download and install SuiteFiles Outlook and then configure it once done.



Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription plan do I need to get SuiteFiles Outlook?

You need to have either The Full Suite or the Full Suite Pro subscription plan.


What will SuiteFiles Outlook cost my business?

Full pricing details are on our website


What versions of Outlook are supported for SuiteFiles Outlook?

SuiteFiles Outlook is only supported for Outlook 2013.


Will there be a Mac version of SuiteFiles Outlook?

We really hope so. This is something that is sorely missing in the Office 365 space. The current version of Outlook for Mac isn’t up to building an app like SuiteFiles for Outlook but we are expecting an upgraded Outlook for Mac soon. Hopefully we can make it work.


Why do I need SuiteFiles if I have SuiteFiles Outlook?

SuiteFiles is the foundation for all of our apps and the base functionality is built into this. Without SuiteFiles we can’t manage permissions, create document templates, share files, email enable folders and have integration with the Xero Practice Manager, WorkflowMAX or Dynamics CRM. You may never go to the web site but it is required or SuiteFiles Outlook simply won’t work.


Can some of my staff have the Suite Starter Pack subscription and other be on a plan that includes SuiteFiles Outlook?

At this stage, no. Every staff member needs to have the same Suite subscription plan.

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