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Feature spotlight: Scanning integration

By March 27, 2014April 5th, 2024No Comments

Say goodbye to the pains of scanning (well most of them anyway)

Our new Suite scanning feature is here!

For most businesses scanning is an unavoidable chore that puts a dent in the paperless dream, all because we can’t control the way other people choose to deliver documents. So it is inevitable that we must spend time going through the painful task of scanning, downloading, renaming, filing and uploading these documents.

To make this tedious task a little less of a chore we bring to you a nifty new SuiteFiles scanning feature. You can now scan directly to folders in your SuiteFiles on all scanners with email capabilities.

The Set Up



  1. Identify a folder you want to scan to (you can only generate emails if you have editable access to the folder).
  2. Click the edit folder button in the grey sidebar.
  3. Click the email-scan icon and wait.
  4. A new section with the folder email address should appear (we know the email isn’t very pretty but it’s better to secure than hackable right?).

We recommend saving it into the address book and giving it an identifiable name.

Repeat these steps for every major folder you would want to scan into, you can specify a more specific folder later.


Part 1: Scanning

  1. Well you know the drill! But remember to use the generated emails and you’ll soon see them appear straight into your SuiteFiles!


Part 2: Renaming



Much like sharing, we’ve generated a quick collection view of all your unfiled scans&uploads. To access this view, simply click the scan icon on the furthest left sidebar.

  1. Click the end of the breadcrumb to select more specific folders.
  2. Quickly rename a file in the text box.
  3. File It.

In the scans&uploads view you can also quickly favourite a file or click on the thumbnail to get a preview.

And that’s all there is to it! You’ve just filed all your scans straight into SuiteFiles. In the future we are looking into automated naming and filing but for now, you can save yourself a few grey hairs and use your time for something else more important with the SuiteFiles Scans&Uploads feature!

Love it? Hate it? Let us know how it’s all working for you by dropping us a line .


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