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A Suite Christmas message

By December 10, 2015April 9th, 2024No Comments

It’s that time of year again. Time to eat too much, spoil the kids and to hang out with the family. Also it’s time for a break.

Everyone I talk to tells me what a big year it’s been for them. No one seems to be slowing down in the lead up to Christmas as used to happen. These days it’s full on until about December 23. It’s no different here at Suite.

There’s been a massive amount of work done to create a new search experience. It’s meant basically a full rewrite of our API and we’re getting close to completion. Some users are already beta testing it for us and really enjoying it. We’ve also been on the road visiting customers running user experience sessions and getting some awesome feedback about SuiteFiles.

Our partner channel is growing and we have some pretty exciting announcements coming in this space. The exciting thing that I can say about our partners is that Essential Technologies Group from Brisbane is the recipient of our partner of the year award for 2015. ETG really promoted SuiteFiles to their client base and we’re extremely grateful for their great work.

Next year looks massive for us. As SuiteFiles users you can expect the new search experience, a brand new app that will provide another great leap in productivity for users, integration with more systems and a brand new website. We’ll continue our push to have great partners all around the world as we strive for total world domination in being the productivity system of choice for small and medium businesses.

One thing we’re cutting back on is supporting Office 365 – that’s things like password resets, creating email accounts, configuring domain names. There are so many IT companies out there so much better than us at this (our partners are a great starting point if you need one) and we can concentrate on making SuiteFiles even awesomer (if that’s a word).

Over Christmas pretty much all of our customers take a break and so do we. We’ll be providing limited support from December 24 through until January 11. If SuiteFiles is down, we’ll fix it, but otherwise we’ll get on with all other requests once we’re back on deck from January 11.

All that’s left to say is Merry Christmas. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. Thanks for all your support in 2015 and here’s to doing it all over again in 2016!

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