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Suite HQ favourite apps – Part 2

By January 27, 2015April 9th, 2024No Comments


As a tech business, we’re pretty keen on apps and use them aplenty in business and down-time. So we thought we’d share some of Suite HQ’s favourite apps of the last year. Maybe you’ll find one you like and make it a favourite for 2015!

Welcome to part 2 of Suite’s favourite apps! This time is Andrew and Callum’s turns to share what apps they love. See the first part here.




I like to know what’s going on and I never have time for reading the paper, so I turn to the Stuff app to read the news. I generally read a few articles and then head to the Sports section and read everything.

Rugby Scorer

A great little app that means I don’t need to carry pen and paper round to keep records about who’s scoring points during games for the rugby team I coach. It then emails me the result. It’s a very simple app and could probably be enhanced a lot but it serves me well on Saturday mornings during the winter months.

ESPN CricInfo

Are you getting a feel for my interest in sports? While I am a huge cynic about the success of the Black Caps cricket team and am always waiting for them to fall over, I still want to see what they are up to and match scores. This app is a cricket enthusiast’s dream with access to all the stats you could ever want to see along with results for all international matches.


This one is for work – whether in paid employment or work at home. I have hundreds of pages of notes about all sorts of things, including a full history of everything done each day at work. The notebooks are stored either in SuiteFiles or OneDrive, so are accessible easily and can be shared with other people. The iPhone app has the ability to take a photo of a white board after a meeting and insert it into a note, ensuring that the content is recorded for everyone to see.


I’m at am age where exercise is becoming more important and I track it all using Endomondo. It tracks walks, jogs, bike rides, rounds of golf, just about any exercise. It then links into the Apple Health app and adds the data to the dashboards for you. You can also link with others if you like and see what exercise they’ve been getting or post straight to social networks. Those features aren’t really my thing but I can see that some people will value them.




A really great little utility, which allows you to digitise those back of the napkin calculations. This app lets you visually see multiple calculations, and create simple connections between values; so you can change one variable, and see how it effects the rest of the outputs. More useful than a calculator, without the baggage of a spreadsheet.


Well respected sketching app, made even more awesome with the Pencil stylus. I’m no artist, but this makes café wireframes fun.

Decision App

This app is focused on helping you make and communicate decisions. It lets you quickly create a range of diagrams, which are useful for brainstorming and creative thinking. The app is actually a companion to “The Decision Book: Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking” – a book I would also highly recommend.


An awesome news/blog aggregator, which seems to create really great recommendations for articles I actually find interesting. Unfortunately it is one of those apps that is so good that it has been acquired by a popular (and I think less useful) competitor… I really hope that it is left as is.

Genius Scan

This is a great way to scan whiteboards, photos, documents etc, using the camera on your iPhone. I’ve been using this for about 3 years, and I’ve been impressed with the app’s utility, it’s update stability, and also the fact that the developer has kept it focused on being really good at this one thing.


Do you have a great app that you’re always telling people about? We want to know! Share them with us in the comments below.

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