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Suite HQ favourite apps – Part 1

By January 14, 2015April 9th, 2024No Comments


In part 1 we see what apps our marketing guru, Kim, and head honcho desinger, Dana, think are pretty awesome.




I like to keep a record of things, whether that’s noting something down, snapping a pic, or making a voice recording. With Evernote I can do it all! Great for individual or collaborative work, with automatic syncing which means I don’t have to worry about saving notes. Their revamped web platform makes my heart sing and feels like you’re writing on a nice blank sheet of paper. Now with the new chat feature, this app is quickly becoming indispensable.

Sleep Cycle

A recent addition to my phone, this app measures your sleep cycle, including the quality of sleep and the average time you spend in bed. You can also set your alarm in the app and it’ll wake you up during a light sleep phase (the least jarring to wake up from). The reports are fascinating to read and I have noticed a difference in how I feel when I wake up (less forcefully dragged from slumber, and more gently awakened).


Despite not using it very often, I still find CamCard very handy. When I started networking more, I ended up with a wallet stuffed with business cards, which inevitably got forgotten. Now whenever I get a business card (that I want to keep), I scan it into CamCard and it extracts all that important information and stores it both in my phone contacts plus in my account, which can sync across my devices. Find out more in this video.




Bored out of my mind one day, I decided to learn a new language and along came Duolingo. The app is really easy and convenient to use and it only takes about 15 minutes to finish off a lesson. So if you’re venturing overseas this year or just want to learn a new language, give Duolingo a try.

Also, what many people also don’t know, is that when they’re using Duolingo to learn a new language, you’re actually helping to translate the web too! Neat huh?


I started using the Feedly rss newsfeed app out of necessity. My bookmarks were getting out of control and I found that I was missing on some really interesting posts from my favourite blogs. Feedly is such a simple app to use and it’s really easy to discover new blogs to follow.

Monument Valley

Amongst all the flappy bird replicas and Candy Crush’s, I found this little gem. Monument Valley is an insanely clever, delightful and beautiful puzzle game by Ustwo. Full of optical illusions, the game is like the crazy world of MC Escher brought to life – plus more. So be prepared to have your mind blown, because seriously, I have never said ‘WOW’ so many times before!


Do you have a great app that you’re always telling people about? We want to know! Share them with us in the comments below.

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