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Our 5 favourite (worst) filing pet peeves

By September 28, 2018April 5th, 2024No Comments

Bad filing habits are like mischievous creatures that wreak havoc on your file system. Leaving headaches and poor folder structures in their wake, they can prevent your business from having the beautifully organised, easy to search through file system you deserve (and need)!

We list our favourite filing pet peeves in the hopes that you don’t unleash them on your own unsuspecting co-workers.

File-o Spaghetti-o

This wiggly culprit is behind your spaghetti-like folder structure – lots of folders with similar files. Not malicious in intent, they can get confused about where documents should be filed and create new folders instead. The files are *technically* saved, but this method quickly leads to bloating in your file system, just like eating too much spag bol.

Mr. Mover

An organiser with good intentions at heart, they take it upon themselves to move files to new locations, occasionally restructuring folders, and often without telling anyone. Whether a noble act of organisation or a frustrating habit, Movers love to ensure that the file system makes sense, even if only to them.

Captain Vague

What’s in a name? Quite a lot actually. File names should be clear, descriptive, and, ideally, consistent throughout your filing system. Captain Vague is the lazy labeller, the inconsistent namer. They shun naming formulas and opt for simplistic, generic names that don’t describe the content that the files or folders hold. The kryptonite to searchable file systems, they’re a difficult one to reign in.

Miss Classification

Captain Vague’s favourite partner in crime, Miss Classification has funny ideas about which categories documents should be filed under. Should it be in the project folder, the client folder, or the year folder? They’ll make up their own mind rather than following any business approved document filing guide, and you’ll be surprised months later when you find a file you’d given up for lost.

The Digger

A fan of specificity, the Digger ends up burying files in lots of nested folders. The more folders, the more specific, the better. Each folder represents something slightly different about the client or project. It’s meant to make files easier to find, but you’ll be clicking through folders for a long time before you locate the document you need.

The Invisible File

Your business benefits when files are stored in a centrally located, easy to access system. The Invisible Files are ones left behind on a co-worker’s personal desktop or inbox – left behind and completely inaccessible to you. Make these files reappear like magic by ensuring that files are saved to a central system in a timely manner.

Do any of these filing pet peeves and bad habits ring a bell? Are you more than one of them?

This band of misfits can mess up your file system, but there are ways to apply some pest control. Start by developing consistent naming conventions and establishing clear filing processes for your team. Keep a close eye on new files that are saved to the system to ensure staff are taking the changes onboard. Apply as needed and you’ll be rid of these pet peeves in no time!

Want to know more about how SuiteFiles can curb these bad filing habits? Book a time to chat with us here.

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