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Not Letting the Pressure of Deadlines Get to you..

By October 13, 2019April 9th, 2024No Comments

With deadlines coming at you from every direction possible, it’s not a surprise that it can get super overwhelming. Tasks just keep piling up and you sit there wondering – what do I do? Is this workload possible? Should I just give up now, face the consequences, and run away to the opposite side of the world?

In today’s blog we’re gonna learn how to tackle this feeling. With December only months away and workplaces being super/more hectic than usual, you can imagine that this time of year is bringing on more tasks, stress, and maybe even some tears.

Now although you may feel like everyone around you is on their top game and rolling with the punches, they’re actually all feeling this way. The truth is – a lot of us never really know how to deal with life when it feels like the world is against you or when you have bitten off more than you can chew. We get a little scared to share these feelings because we feel alone with this problem.

So what should you do? How do you tackle the problem? What’s the top secret to managing all that stress?

1. Scream into a pillow

No seriously – scream into a pillow, shout from the rooftops, cry it out! Just. Let. Out. Those. Feelings. We can’t prescribe a single solution to the problem because we all deal with things differently – but the point of these actions is all the same. It’s acknowledging that you’re stressed and not bottling it up. And if you have an idea of how to do that already, that’s great – stick with it. But for a lot of us we don’t really know how to deal stress, so this is a good place to start.

2. Talk it out

You’re not in this alone – so don’t solve it on your own. Grab a mate, a drink, and get to a comfy place. Ranting about these issues is a great feeling, especially when someone listens and really understands. Like we said, everyone deals with these problems, so you’ll often find someone who relates to you rather than facing judgement or awkward silences.

3. So you’ve screamed into a pillow and had a chat… what now? 

Unfortunately, we got to start somewhere. So now is the time to take it one task at a time. When your mind is jumbled and stressed, we sometimes just have to take things on separately. Prioritise what needs to be done and get a start on that list. Trust me, once you start marking off things off that list – it’s a relieving feeling! (We recommend good ol’ pen and paper for this one).

4. Saying No 

Don’t take on more when you’re feeling pressured. As mentioned in the last blog, people are afraid to say no. So, we find ourselves in this position of having a million deadlines with only so much time. The human mind can only take on so much, so when we find ourselves in this corner, we need to forget the judgements and just say that special word – no.

5. Offload work

No one in your office wants to see you fail, enjoys seeing you stressed, or simply don’t care. Reach out to the people who understand your deadlines the most. A team that works together stay together!

6. Think of the finish line – and trust me there always is one 

Last but certainly not least – think of the finish line! Whether that’s a happy client, the launch of a new product, or just a drink to celebrate that it’s actually over – It’s the perfect motivation to keep going.

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