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Introducing SuiteFiles: the Product, the Company

By May 20, 2016April 5th, 2024No Comments

Today we’re reintroducing ourselves to you.

Hi, we’re SuiteFiles!

Four years ago Suite began with humble dreams – to improve cloud document management for small-medium businesses. We started by building a suite of applications on top of Office 365, enabling small businesses to adopt cloud technology with ease and to gain more user-friendly tools. And we’ve happily accomplished that – we now have a great platform on Web and Outlook that has been taken up by businesses around the world. We even have a platform for SuiteFiles coming soon to your desktop (but that’s all we’ll say for now ? ). Over the years we’ve added a plethora of value-add tools including migration & document generation. However things were starting to get… messy. After releasing a number of products in our short lifetime, our story had become scattered and complex; contrary to what we’re trying to do which is simply, simple file management. Somehow on our marathon to deliver all these great apps to our customers, our product landscape had all of a sudden become a jungle that our customers were struggling to navigate.

It was time to change that. 

Since 2011, the trajectory of Suite has taken off and grown in ways that we didn’t anticipate. While our initial goals and plans to deliver a simple cloud file management solution hasn’t changed, we noticed that by trying to talk about every single product we offer, we risked losing our central message. At the end of the day our customers come to us for SuiteFiles, our document management platform. Why not talk about our all of our products as part of one integrated whole rather than as separate entities. And while we’re at it, why not call ourselves SuiteFiles, the solution that everything hinges on and that we, as a company, revolves around.

So today we’re reintroducing ourselves to you.

Hi, we’re SuiteFiles. SuiteFiles the product. SuiteFiles the company.

Today we bring all of our products for small business under the SuiteFiles umbrella. Some of our more observant customers may have noticed that we’ve been moving towards this as far back as early last year when we began to pull our different apps, such as ‘SuiteReader’ our mobile app, under the SuiteFiles brand as a platform. And this is where we will be heading going forward – SuiteFiles as one integrated system for all your document management needs. Whether you’re working with files, emails, client documents or templates; working out of Outlook, a web browser, or a desktop folder; no matter if you’re at home, work or with a client; SuiteFiles aims to be there for your business.

Who we are now

Introducing yourself to someone has a lot to do with first impressions. So we refreshed ours.

We adopted the SuiteFiles product logo as our overarching company logo, and today we’re officially unveiling our new website under the SuiteFiles brand.

To replace our formerly muddy colour palette, we’ve introduced a vibrant blue colour pairing and gradient to better reflect the spirit of SuiteFiles – fresh, innovative, reliable. We’re by no means the only software company to think that blue is a good choice, but for us it has always been the colour of SuiteFiles the product and it fits the brand well.

Over time you’ll start to see these brand changes trickling through to our products. Until then, we hope you enjoy our second first impression.

So what are you waiting for?

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