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How much file storage do I get with my Office 365 account?

By February 25, 2016April 5th, 2024No Comments

For people starting out with SuiteFiles and migrating their file systems into Office 365, how much is the storage cap for Office 365 is one of the most common questions we get. Until last week the answer wasn’t a flash one. Microsoft used to give you 10GB plus another 0.5GB per licensed user. So, for a 20 person business that equates to 15GB of file storage capacity. Nowhere near enough for 95% of our customers. You could purchase extra capacity if required and just about everyone needed to do that.

Last week this all changed. Microsoft released a long awaited update to Office 365 and you now get 100x more storage – a whopping 1TB of default storage. This is a massive increase and a great boost for our customers. Most customer who have purchased extra storage capacity can now cancel that part of their subscription as it is surplus to requirements.

Here’s the announcement from Microsoft on the Office blog.

The upgrade is currently being rolled out but of all the sites I have looked at so far they have all had the 1TB applied. If you’ve got any questions about the capacity of your site and whether you should cancel the extra capacity you’re playing for, please contact our support team on

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