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Get your business to the cloud

By August 16, 2012April 4th, 2024No Comments

Yes, you heard me right. Why isn’t your business in the cloud? Why aren’t you making the most of the benefits that cloud computing offers?

Small/medium businesses are the ideal candidates for cloud computing. SMBs don’t have the time, energy or people to spend on thinking about IT. And they shouldn’t either. Let’s face it, they are in business to do business and not to worry about their email systems or document management. Boring! Doesn’t make you money either!

Why the cloud?

You should get your business on to a cloud platform to make the most of the following benefits:

  • Freeing up time to concentrate on your business and not your IT systems
  • Applications that are always upgraded for you – no need to purchase that new version when it’s released as you’ve already got it
  • Freeing up capital – no need to purchase expensive servers or software with an upfront cost
  • Only pay for what you use – scale your applications with your business. Got 5 staff, only pay for 5 licenses. Someone leaves then only pay for 4. hire 2 more people then pay for 6 licenses, etc…
  • Spend money on IT systems that make you money – why pay a small fortune for email? Email doesn’t make money. Cut costs, buy email as a commodity from a cloud provider and spend the savings on making money.
  • Access you applications and data from any device with an internet connection, anywhere, any time.

It’s about business

It really should be called cloud business, not cloud computing. Moving to the cloud is a business decision plain and simple. Don’t do it because your IT guy thinks it’s “cool” technology. Do it because you’ll have greater flexibility. Do it because you’ll save money. Do it because your staff will be able to spend their time on money making ventures and not keeping the email server running.

Do it the Suite way

The team at Suite are here to help get your business to the cloud. We have a rate card of fixed price per user/mailbox setup and migration services available. We tell you the cost before we begin and take away all the effort for an easy migration.

So sit back, relax and let our team do the work. Give me a call on +64 4 916 5176 and we can talk about having you in the cloud in a jiffy.


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