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Email previews for SuiteFiles is here

By June 12, 2015April 4th, 2024No Comments

What’s been updated?

This update only affects SuiteFiles Web. Previously this feature was only available in SuiteFiles Outlook, but many have asked for this to be introduced into the web browser experience. Now you can navigate to any folder in SuiteFiles Web and select a .msg file to see a preview of its contents. This is how it works:

1. See metadata and attachments

When you first open an email in the web browser, the preview will show you the content of the email, its metadata, plus the names of any attachments. You will have to download the email to view the attachments.

2. View all emails inside a folder

Along the right-hand side you will see any other emails that are stored in the same folder. For the sake of efficiency, SuiteFiles will hide any emails that are already embedded in a more recent message. To view these emails, simply click the tickbox that says ‘Show all emails in conversations.’

Orange circles highlight the number of attachments for each email.

Click on these emails to see a preview of their contents.

What does this mean for you?

You now have more choice around how you work and where, whether that’s within a web browser or out of Outlook. This feature brings us one step closer to a fully integrated SuiteFiles system – one that talks to the different parts of your business and improves your productivity.

But wait, there’s more…

New notifications feature

New features are always in the pipeline. Because of this, we’ve now added a notifications pop-up in SuiteFiles to alert you whenever a product update has been made. These will appear as a pop-up at the bottom of SuiteFiles Web (not in Outlook) and will disappear once you dismiss it.

Why have you added notifications?

Updates are an important part of what we do as we strive to improve SuiteFiles as a whole. Naturally we’re keen to make users aware of new features and integrations that will benefit them. However we didn’t want add to everyone’s bulging inboxes, so we chose what we hope is an unobtrusive but highly visible way of keeping you updated.

Help make Suite the best file management tool for business

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