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Conferences and growth: SuiteFiles 2017 in review

By December 19, 2017April 4th, 2024No Comments

 We're on a sailing boat! Celebrating the end of a great year with the Suite-ees.

Post edited on 09/11/2022

We’re on a sailing boat! Celebrating the end of a great year with the Suite-ees.

2017 has undoubtedly been a big year for SuiteFiles. We exhibited at several events, added to our team, grew our customer base and, most importantly, added more value for our customers through new product updates and features.

Xerocon x 2

2017 was the first year that we had our own stands at two international Xerocon conferences (Melbourne and London). Run by Xero (cloud accounting software), these annual conferences have been a huge highlight for us. At both events, the interest in SuiteFiles was amazing. We were run off our feet meeting people and talking to them about all things file management. The ideas we get from these conversations are priceless to us.


Over the past 12 months, our customer base grew by 54% and our user count grew by 60%. SuiteFiles will turn five in April, and we’re now getting fantastic traction with small businesses wanting to manage their documents in the cloud. The hard work of the first four years is really starting to pay off.

New Apps

This year we made a number of releases for new and existing apps:

  • Chrome extension – enhancing our integration with Xero Practice Manager, the SuitePrint function, while also adding in integration with Gmail.
  • SuiteFiles Mobile for AndroidAndroid users now have the ability to browse and search through SuiteFiles for their documents.
  • SuiteFiles 2018 – a major upgrade to the user experience, currently being tested by around 30 customers that we’re looking forward to rolling out to everyone at the start of 2018

Wellington Gold Awards

SuiteFiles was a finalist in the Cyber category for the Wellington Gold Awards. We didn’t win, but the recognition for getting to the finals and the calibre of the other finalists was fantastic. The awards night was also a lot of fun!

Building the Team

This year we grew our support capacity with the addition of Jamie. This has changed the way we’ve worked in the office plus, most importantly, provided a much better level of support for our customers.

Key challenges

2017 has highlighted both our greatest strengths and opportunities, as well as our greatest limitations. Working as a small team on some big business problems, we’ve highly valued the conversations we’ve had with many businesses about their needs and goals. We also appreciate their patience as we’ve worked through some tricky technical issues this year. Although frustrating, it’s allowed us to build a better system overall, which can only be a good thing.

2018 and beyond

2018 is looking like it’s going to be another exciting year as we look to expand further in Australia, Asia, and the UK. We have a number of product updates up our sleeves, including a revamp of the SuiteFiles web app. This version of SuiteFiles features an updated interface and new functionality. As mentioned above, SuiteFiles 2018 is currently being tested by a handful of customers before we roll it out hopefully early next year.

This time last year, we said that 2016 was our biggest year yet. It was a bit hard to imagine things getting bigger (and busier!) but they did. 2017 has been an exceptional year of change and growth, and we’re grateful for the continued support we’ve received from partners and customers alike.

From myself and the SuiteFiles team, a big thank you for another fantastic year. Have a wonderful time away with family and friends and we’ll see you in 2018!

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