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Are you using Microsoft 365 to its full potential?

By March 6, 2020April 9th, 2024No Comments

Microsoft Office has been a big player in desktop apps for as long as most of us remember. Office365 reinvented the wheel and brought in a number of new features that are powered by it’s cloud-based focus. We’ve taken a look and compiled 5 features you can use with SuiteFiles and Office365 to make your document and email management more productive.

‘Alert Me’

Instead of constantly checking a document to see whether there is an update, turn on SharePoint’s ‘Alert Me’ function so you can receive a text or email when there is a change. You’ll be the first to know when the changes you’ve requested are made, without having to check or rely on someone else to remember to tell you!

Restore previous versions

As previous copies of documents are automatically saved, you can view version history and restore these whenever needed. This feature also adds extra security to files and folders as the owner will be able to see who has seen or changed anything.


Working on the same document at the same time is often necessary for projects. You can use either Office Cloud Services or SuiteFiles to auto-save these documents as you go and see the necessary changes as the collaborator changes or adds them.

Recalling email

Instead of facing that instant regret of sending an email to the wrong person, deleting said email is an option. By going to your sent folder and double-clicking the mistake, it will be no longer. Unless of course they have already read it, then my thoughts are with you.

Automated filing

The Quick Step feature helps you by automatically filing away all your emails, so your inbox is not a complete unorganised mess. [Humble plug] SuiteFiles adds to this feature by filing them into specific folders you have chosen with our drag and drop Outlook add-in.


Check out our features list on our website to see how SuiteFiles adds to Office 365, in one place. Let us know if any of these are new or extra useful to you, we love to talk!

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