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Annotate PDFs in SuiteFiles

By August 16, 2021April 4th, 2024No Comments

Work across all file types with SuiteFiles’ PDF Annotator

We know how frustrating it can be switching from Word documents to PDFs and being stripped of the editing tools you’re accustomed to. Our latest feature gives back the functionality you’re looking for, ensuring you can work how you’d like across all document types. Whether you’re highlighting areas of interest, making notes for colleagues or scribbling on an annoying document, you’ll be able to do so directly from SuiteFiles’ Web App.

Click the edit button in your PDF browser to open a host of mark-up tools like highlighters (both text-based and freeform), drawing, shapes, textboxes and sticky notes. As you get stuck into your PDFs, every annotation you make will be stored in a log detailing the page, type of annotation and the date it was created.

Using a dedicated app for PDF annotations can be costly, especially if you rarely stray past the core functionality. To keep all of your business processes within your document management system, we suggest experimenting with SuiteFiles’ PDF annotator.

Hear from one of our customers:

“We’re absolutely loving the PDF annotator as it is more intuitive and much more seamless than what we had been using to highlight and add notes. With the addition of freeform highlighting, we’re no longer restricted to text when marking up our PDF. On the couple of occasions we’ve had to switch off, it was sorely missed as our existing annotation tool seemed so cumbersome in comparison.” – Shelly from Winstone France

Stay tuned for updates to the PDF annotator, as we’ll be adding new features like merging, rearranging and deleting pages in a future release.

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