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The state of AI in accounting

By December 12, 2023No Comments

Understanding the rise of AI in accounting 

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the accounting industry marks a significant shift, blending traditional practices with innovative technology. This deep dive into “AI in accounting trends,, based on our friends at Karbon’s State of AI in Accounting Report 2024, taps into the insights of 595 accounting professionals, including from within the SuiteFiles community, to explore how AI is reshaping the industry. 

AI’s growing influence in the accounting sector 

The inevitability of AI in modern accounting 

AI is rapidly becoming an integral part of accounting, with professionals across the board acknowledging its potential to revolutionize the industry. The technology is not just enhancing existing methodologies but is also paving the way for new forms of financial management and data interpretation. 

Varied perspectives on AI based on roles

The enthusiasm for AI in accounting varies depending on one’s position within a firm. While senior-level executives are keen to adopt AI for its strategic benefits, junior staff and individual contributors are more cautious, often concerned about the implications of AI on their job security and role evolution. While those concerns are certainly valid, AI could also be an opportunity for junior staff to focus on tackling real problems that require complex solutions, without busying themselves with admin work.  

AI reshaping accounting roles

The evolution of accounting roles in the AI era 

AI’s impact on accounting roles is profound. For instance, 59% of survey respondents believe that bookkeeping will undergo the most significant transformation, evolving from traditional data entry to more analytical and advisory roles. This evolution suggests a future where accountants will increasingly rely on AI to handle routine tasks, allowing them to focus on providing higher-value strategic advice. 

Navigating the challenges posed by AI

Balancing technology with humanity

A major concern among professionals is the potential loss of the human element in accounting services. Despite the efficiency gains from AI, 56% of respondents worry about diminishing personal client interactions, highlighting the need for a balanced approach that combines technological advantages with human insight and empathy. 

The gap between AI enthusiasm and training

Despite the evident excitement around AI, there is a noticeable lack of investment in AI training and education, particularly in larger firms. This gap between interest and actual skill development points to a need for more comprehensive and accessible AI education within the accounting industry. This is another opportunity for junior accountants, early adopters to AI will be in high demand as they skillfully utilize AI to create efficient and effective strategies.  


Key areas where AI is making an impact

Enhancing communication and workflow 

Communication and workflow management are two areas where AI’s impact is most noticeable. 59% of accountants use AI to compose emails, streamlining client communications. Additionally, 36% are employing AI for workflow automation, highlighting its role in improving operational efficiency. 

Streamlining data analysis and reporting 

AI’s capabilities in data analysis and financial reporting are game-changing. 31% of professionals utilize AI tools for research, allowing them to process and analyze large datasets more effectively. This capability enables them to uncover insights and trends that would be challenging to identify manually. 

Strategic benefits of AI in accounting practices

AI as a competitive advantage 

AI is increasingly seen as a critical component of a firm’s competitive strategy. 54% of professionals believe that the absence of AI in accounting practices devalues a firm, while 66% view it as a significant competitive edge. This perception underscores AI’s strategic importance in the accounting field. 

Attracting and retaining talent

AI is also playing a crucial role in talent management within the accounting sector. 46% of professionals agree that AI can help attract and retain more talent, particularly among the younger generation who are drawn to technologically advanced and innovative workplaces. 

Preparing for an AI-driven future in accounting 

Adapting to new roles and skills

The integration of AI in accounting is driving a need for new skills and role adaptations. Accountants are required to become more tech-savvy and develop capabilities in areas like data analysis and AI interpretation to remain relevant in an increasingly automated environment. Given the scarcity of work sponsored AI training, we predict accountants possessing these skills will be in high demand.  

Addressing ethical and security concerns 

Ethical and data security issues are front and center in the discussion around AI in accounting. 76% of respondents express concerns about data security when using AI tools, while 49% are wary of potential ethical dilemmas and biases that may arise from AI usage. 

The role of continuous learning and adaptation

Keeping up with the rapid advancements in AI technology is a challenge for 46% of accounting professionals. This underscores the importance of continuous learning and professional development to stay abreast of the latest AI trends and applications in the accounting field. This could potentially lead to new jobs being created, ones solely dedicated to training others to use AI effectively.  

Navigating AI in accounting trends

The integration of AI in accounting represents a significant shift in the industry. Understanding and adapting to these “AI in accounting trends” is crucial for firms seeking to remain relevant and competitive. Embracing AI as a tool that enhances, rather than replaces, human capabilities is key to leveraging its full potential. 

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