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Achieving Balance #3 with Callum McNeill from SuiteFiles

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Callum McNeill is the Chief Technology Officer at SuiteFiles

What do you do day-to-day/long term to ensure you have a good work-life balance?

For me, having kids was my incentive to prioritise achieving a balanced lifestyle – to become a good role model, and to make sure that we have a long and healthy life together. In the past, I’ve worked long hours and haven’t always been good at carving out time alone or with my family. 

Practically, a balanced lifestyle for me means a) spending quality time with each member of the family every week, b) going to the gym regularly, and c) not working over the weekend.

Do you think you’re good at keeping a good balance?

I think I’m pretty good at keeping a balance, although it does get harder over time as more responsibilities come up. There’s more to balance, but it’s going ok so far.

How do you choose what to prioritise in both work and life?

To figure out what to prioritise, I try to understand what makes me tick. What do I think is important. Trying new things and working out is what moves me forward, so I prioritise doing that. I like to keep it simple – I value family time, work, sleep, exercise, eating, etc.

What’s your advice to other people who feel like they struggle with work-life balance?

I try to look at a 10-year window – so, instead of worrying about today or this week, I’m more focused on doing a little bit each day to add up to where I want to be in 10 years. If you’re struggling with work-life balance, I’d say think about what you hope to achieve 10 years from now, and make time for working towards that.

What is a book/podcast/TV show/website/app/etc. that you love right now and would recommend?

I love podcasts! Right now I’m listening to Joe Rogan Experience, Hardcore History, StarTalk Radio.

Achieving Balance is a new series that looks at how busy professionals manage their day-to-day. Check out interview one and two.

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